Torres del Paine: Maya-treasure-03 (GC3RT6A) — Geocache of the Week

by CacheGert
S 50° 56.549 W 072° 56.978

Are you ready to take a “peak” at a great find? Hike yeah! Strap in and warm up for this T4 cache! Hidden near Mirador de Las Torres, in Torres del Paine, Chile, our weekly geocache highlight requires a long hike but takes you to a remarkable panoramic view. Torres del Paine is situated in southern Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and many bodies of water. It really is a cacher’s paradise. Lace up your boots, and let’s start this journey up the winding path to our Geocache of the Week, Torres del Paine: Maya-treasure-0 (GC3RT6A).

Image by the Seagnoid.

Although the sights are reason enough to put this cache on your to-do list, there is a sentimental reason as well. This heartfelt story behind the cache’s name will warm you on this windy expedition. The cache owner, CacheGert, has this sweet sentiment on the cache page:

My daughter was born in 2005. She is still too young to travel with me…One day she will be old enough to travel on her own, and maybe she’ll have fun finding the “treasures” her old man left behind for her.” 

GC3RT6A is one of eight treasures that CacheGert has hidden for his daughter’s future favorite hobby.

Image by Dunaghiri.

Hidden in 2012, this cache has a little more waiting to do until its wholesome destiny is fulfilled. In the meantime, it has been found by many adventurers and has acquired over 50 Favorite points. Here is what some cachers have to say about GC3RT6A:

“We found this special cache on our wonderful trip through Chile. This place is definitely a highlight!” – Nordmann74

“What a fantastic place! We hiked up to the lake, and as we reached the top, we were very impressed by the stone walls of the Torres del Paine, rising behind the lake! And our guide Philippe was happy like a little child, finding his first cache.” – Pete-coyote

Image by Schnaken.

The area can be visited from October till March only, so be sure to pencil in this find. Cachers admit to being a little tuckered out after the climb up the hill, but all of the logs say that it was as beautiful as it was worth it. There are quite a few hints on the cache page, so be sure to read the description to ensure that smiley! Be sure to also put it back where it was, so that one day Maya can find it. 

Image by Odada.

Megan Twamley
Megan is a morning person from New York who adores geocaching with her dog, Basil. When she's not loving her job as a Community Coordinator, she's probably frolicking somewhere in a grassy meadow.