Geocaching 2020 holiday gift guide

It’s that time of year when the weather gets chillier in the Northern Hemisphere and hotter in the Southern, when radio stations are bombarded with the tinkle of jingle bells, and many geocachers are hoping for special TOTTs, trackables, and geo-gear to arrive in their stocking. That’s right — the holiday season is upon us!

For anyone looking for a special geocaching gift, we have all of your needs covered in our geocaching holiday gift guide. Below is a list of items that are sure to bring a smile to any geocacher who receives them. All of the items are available on Shop Geocaching for geocachers in the U.S. and Canada and many of the items are available from our international retailers.

Geocaching Holiday Geocoin

Signal the Frog® is ready to send his message of love, joy, and peace this holiday season! 

These fun and festive postcard style geocoins will be a fun addition to any geocoin collection, or send them out to travel the world. They are stamped with a tracking number and ready to go! 

Signal the Frog® Plush

Signal the Frog® is the official mascot for geocaching. This XL 24″ plush Signal is a favorite throughout the world. Take him along on your geocaching adventures, or have him there to give you a big hug when you get back.

Original Stash Bucket Geocoin Set

Celebrate how it all began! On May 3, 2000, a five-gallon bucket was placed in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon by Dave Ulmer. The coordinates were then listed on a chat group of GPS enthusiasts and modern-day geocaching was born. 

Designed by our very own Roxxy, this is an amazing geocoin that will be the pride of every collection. It is an actual mini bucket with a detachable lid and three nano geocoins representing some of the original SWAG.

Cache Hunter with Trackable Brick

This ultimate geocacher comes with custom designed accessories including a logbook, a cache container, and a backpack.

Also included is a stand and a trackable brick.  The brick features the Geocaching logo on one side, and has a unique tracking code on the other, making it fully trackable at

TOTT – Tools Of The Trade Starter Set

This tool kit features some of the best tools in the known geocaching world. The Magnigrip Tweezers gets you out of tight spots and helps to see the tiniest of codes. The telescoping mirror/magnet tool gets you a look into places that no geocacher wants to touch without looking first. The Geoknots Logsheet Roller is the best in the business to get the logs back into the nanoest of hides, and the All-Weather Tank Pen will sign that log from the desert to the mountain tops. Have some tools of your own? We left a little space for your favorites that weren’t included.

Premium Member Collection: Geocoin

The Premium Member Collection is a set of great products that you can send traveling, show off at events, or brag about to your geocaching friends and muggles alike. Be proud of your premium with the Premium Member Collection!

Geocaching Upcycled Logo Pullover Hoodie

From our friends at Recover Brands comes what may be the most comfortable piece of geocaching clothing you have ever hit the trail with. These hoodies are made from 50% recycled cotton (from discarded industry scraps) and 50% polyester (made from recycled plastic water bottles turned into yarn). This creates a blend that is soft, cozy, durable, and sustainable.

Premium Membership Gift Card

Give the gift of geocaching! The Premium Membership Gift Card is a great way to introduce someone to geocaching, or to treat an existing geocacher to all the features and benefits of Premium membership. The card can be used to upgrade a new or existing Basic membership or to extend an existing Premium membership for an additional 12 months.

Gift Premium memberships can also be purchased and sent to geocachers via our website. Instructions for how to give a gift Premium membership via our website can be found here.

Genevieve is a Community Coordinator at Geocaching HQ.