Reviewer Talk: A five-part podcast series

Over the past few months, Chris, host of the Inside HQ podcast, virtually chatted with community volunteer reviewers from around the world about what they do and what they enjoy about their roles. In addition to reviewing, some of the interviewees also serve the community as volunteer forum moderators and translators.

Reviewer Talk (Part I)
Listen to an internationally diverse conversation with reviewers in four different parts of the world! Reviewers from Switzerland, The Netherlands, Israel, and the United States share what they enjoy about being a reviewer.

Reviewer Talk (Part II)
From geocaches to EarthCaches, reviewers from Italy, Norway, Canada, and the United States discuss their roles as reviewers.

Reviewer Talk (Part III)
Reviewers from both coasts of the United States, Oregon and North Carolina, share insight on cache maintenance, reviewing during the pandemic, and more.

Reviewer Talk (Part IV)
Hear from five reviewers, including two Geoawares about cache reviewing and tips for submitting an Earthcache. Reviewers from Southern California, Utah, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Iowa.

Reviewer Talk (Part V)
Learn about reviewing and forum moderating from reviewers from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

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