New! Streaks, milestones, and D/T statistics in the Geocaching® app

Premium members can now view their current geocaching streak, Difficulty and Terrain Grid, and caching milestones in the Geocaching® app. We’re pretty certain that geocachers were keeping track of their own stats as soon as there were geocaches to keep track of, which is why we wanted to take a few of the personal statistics available on and make them accessible right from the app.

Challenge yourself and get motivated by keeping track of your geocaching stats. Visit your profile to view your stats, or keep reading to take a closer look. 

Geocaching streaks
A streak is when you log a geocache, an Adventure Lab Cache, or attend an Event Cache every day for an extended period of time. Some geocachers have maintained them for a month, a year, or even longer—several streak freaks have even maintained them for years.

The streak counter in the Geocaching® app will keep track of your consecutive smileys, congratulate you when you add to your streak or encourage you when you haven’t.

Difficulty and Terrain Grid
Also known as the Fizzy Grid or 81 Grid, in order to complete this challenge, you’ll need to find a cache for each combination of difficulty and terrain. The Difficulty and Terrain Grid will test your mental skills, then your physical skills, then both at the same time as you find high difficulty and terrain geocaches to fill your grid.

Watch your average difficulty and terrain ratings go up as you fill in your grid!

Geocaching Milestones

Typically defined as notable events in one’s life, Geocaching Milestones are significant moments in your geocaching journey. They start with your first find and work their way up from there—all the way up to 100,000! 

Pro-tip: Curious which cache you found to reach a milestone? Simply tap the milestone to be taken to the cache page!

With these insights at your fingertips and even more on, you can take your geocaching to the next level.

Note: Geocaching Statistics is a Premium member feature. Learn more.

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