Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Jigsaw Mural Adventure

Calling all puzzle-lovers! We have an Adventure that belongs on the to-do list of anyone whose eyes light up at the mention of the word jigsaw. The Jigsaw Mural Adventure takes players on a tour of five murals in the city of Forest Grove, Oregon and challenges their puzzle solving skills.

Players must closely examine each mural to find sections of the murals that correspond to jigsaw puzzle pieces displayed in each Location in the app. After finding the correct section of a mural, players must answer the question related to the puzzle piece. In addition to the fun that the puzzle pieces provide, players will also enjoy the eye-catching murals at each stage of the Adventure which give insight into the culture and community of Forest Grove.

puzzle piece
One of the puzzle pieces in the Adventure.

Rave reviews in this Adventure’s Activity Log emphasize its creativity and uniqueness. Geocacher, NoBucksRanch, writes “Wow! What a great concept for an adventure lab! I really enjoyed the short stroll around the area, the murals, the additional information provided about them, and the puzzle piece concept. One of the best labs that I’ve done.”

One of the murals featured in the Adventure.

Finding the right section of each mural will require some attention to detail. The creator of the Adventure, Critters of adventure, explains in the Adventure’s description that each puzzle piece may not be oriented correctly. If there are two pieces hooked together in the image for the Location, they should remain together when being twisted to the correct orientation which will be either straight up and down or straight across. Critters of adventure also mentions that the picture of the puzzle piece may appear to be cut off when you see it in the app, but tapping it will show you the whole picture and then you can make it bigger by spreading your fingers on the screen.

After completing this Adventure, you’ll walk away with a new appreciation for the city of Forest Grove and the particular satisfaction that comes from solving a tough puzzle.

New Adventures are added all the time. Have you downloaded the Adventure Lab® app and completed one? Share your most memorable Adventures in the comments!

Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.