Celebrate International Friendship Day with your best geocaching buddies

This coming Friday, July 30, is International Friendship Day and we’ll be celebrating the best way we know how— by geocaching! Sharing geocaching with friends is one of the great joys of the game. Plus, not only does it increase your chance of having fun, it also increases your chance of making finds! In honor of International Friendship Day, here are four ways to share geocaching with your friends:

Introduce a muggle friend to geocaching
Show your friendship by taking a muggle friend out with you to make a find. Sharing this global treasure hunt with a friend introduces them to a whole new exciting world and paves the way for many fun-filled cache outings in the future.

Stay up-to-date with your friends’ caching activity
You can see what your geocaching friends are up to right from your dashboard on the website. Once you’ve added friends on Geocaching.com you can choose to have their geocaching activity shown in the newsfeed on your dashboard. This allows you to see their recent finds, logs, and photos. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the geocaching activities of your geo-pals, especially if they live farther away and meeting up is not as easy.

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Having trouble finding a cache’s hiding spot, or maybe you haven’t quite cracked the code on a tough Mystery Cache? Before you log a Did Not Find, see if you can get assistance from a cacher friend. You can see your friends’ logs on caches in the app and on the website. With this information, you’ll know just who to call if you need to phone-a-friend on a tricky cache!

In the app, when looking at the activity of a geocache, tap “Friends” to see which of yours has shared a log for that cache. On the website, the virtual logbook on a geocache’s cache details page allows you to see if your geocaching friends have found that geocache. Click “View Logbook” just above the logs on the cache details page and easily see your friends’ logs for that cache.

Tag a friend
Tag geocaching buddies in your logs on the website to share all your caching stories and achievements with them. To tag a friend, type the @ symbol and a list of your friends will appear, then choose the friend you wish to tag, and submit your log. The tagged friend(s) will receive an email notification that they’ve been tagged in a Geocaching.com log.

What are your best stories of sharing geocaching with friends? Share in the comments below!

Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.