Improvements to search filters on

Filtering on has been improved: it’s faster, cleaner, and best of all, redesigned specifically to help you find the geocaches you want. The filters* on the search and the map are now a cohesive experience with a refreshed design for geocachers to quickly apply relevant filters and get out geocaching.

Here’s a snapshot of what to expect:

  • The filter panel now features collapsing sections which group related filters together.
  • “Caches I have not found” and “Caches I do not own” filters are applied by default for Premium members.
  • A filter to show geocaches that will fill your missing D/T grid has now been incorporated directly into the filter panel for Premium members.
  • Geocachers can now search by geocache name in the main search bar, in addition to the “Geocache name contains” search box.
  • The functionality of all filters has not changed, only the visual design.

With so many filters to choose from, you may be wondering where to start. We’ve listed a few to help you out. Try one, or all of these searches for your next geocaching outing!

  1. Filter by attribute to find caches that match your plans such as dogs allowed, boat required, or recommended for kids.
  2. Find the oldest geocaches near you by searching by “Placed date.”
  3. Plan a geocache outing with your geocaching friends by adding up to ten usernames to the “Not found by” field.
  4. Find geocaches with the Difficulty and Terrain combinations that you need to complete your D/T grid by toggling on “Fill in your D/T grid.”
  5. Find the Mystery Caches you have solved, but not yet found by searching for geocaches with “Updated corrected coordinates only.”

Remember, you can have your search results display in list form or directly on the map by adjusting your preferences in Settings.

*Advanced filtering is a benefit of Premium membership.

We only listed five searches but there are so many more! What are your favorite filter combinations for finding geocaches?

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