New souvenir: Blue Switch Day 2022!

We rely on the GPS (Global Positioning System) more than we think, it has transformed the way we live and the world around us. Our lives would be very different if we didn’t have the GPS technology we know and use daily; even geocaching falls into this category. This is all possible because of one bright day on May 2, 2000—or as geocachers call it—Blue Switch Day.

Selective Availability made the use of GPS technology unavailable to the general public. In the United States, the military was the only entity with access to this technology until May of 2000; the U.S. government “flipped the switch” and made GPS available to all. Geocachers proudly call this day Blue Switch Day, and this year we’re celebrating with a new souvenir!

With the excitement of the new accurate GPS technology in the palm of our hands, there were endless opportunities for innovation and exploration waiting around the globe. It’s no coincidence that the first geocache was hidden one day later, on May 3, 2000, the day geocaching was born!

Starting on April 30 through May 2, you can earn the Blue Switch Day 2022 souvenir by finding a geocache, Adventure Lab® Location, or by attending an Event.

Mackenzie is a Community Manager at Geocaching HQ. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest she loves finding new geocaches and exploring the area. You will typically find her out on the coast discovering new lighthouses.