Mega-Event season has begun!

Mega-Events, Event Caches attended by 500+ people, happen throughout the year, but activity really picks up right around the spring and summer months in the Northern Hemisphere. There are 12 Mega-Events scheduled in the month of June 2022 alone! To see where and when these Events are happening, check Geocaching HQ’s List of upcoming Mega-Events. With the season about to go into full-swing, we’re sharing four reasons why attending a Mega-Event is a top experience for all kinds of geocachers.

1. Find your people. Mega-Events are great places to meet geocachers and make lasting friendships. Bond with your fellow geocachers over caching stories and finding caches together at the Event.

2. Unforgettable geocaches. In addition to all the fun of being around so many geocachers, Mega-Events are also great opportunities to find cool caches. Cache owners often plan new creative hides and submit them to be published right around the date of a Mega-Event, and Mega-Event hosts often create special Adventures for the Event, too.

3. Get answers to all your geocaching questions. With over 500 passionate geocachers in attendance, Mega-Events are overflowing with geocaching wisdom. You’re sure to find answers to questions about tricky caches that you haven’t been able to find, or tips for creating your own caches.

4. Log rare geocache types. Attending a Mega-Event, which is its own cache type separate from Event Caches, gives you the chance to log not one, but two rare cache types. You can log the Mega-Event itself and if you find Signal the Frog® or his banner at a Mega-Event this year, you can log the GC8FR0G Locationless Cache.

Find a Mega-Event!

Learn about Geocaching HQ’s response to COVID-19 and review local health guidance regarding attending in-person events before you go to a Mega-Event. Your health and safety are the top priority.

Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.