Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Liège points de vue

The Belgian city of Liège is well-known for its waffles, but those sweet treats are only a small slice of all that Liège has to offer. To learn more about these wonders, we recommend going on the Adventure, Liège points de vue. The five Locations of this Adventure teach you about the city’s history and give beautiful sweeping views of Liege from different perspectives from the banks of the Meuse River to high up near the citadel. After completing this Adventure, you’ll be sure to appreciate the richness of Liege’s history and cityscape, as well as its waffles.

A view of the city from Terril Piron.

The tour highlights a variety of sights and views around the city. One of the most impressive is Terril Piron, a slag heap created by coal mining, that over the years has transformed into a green space with thriving biodiversity. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the endangered Natterjack toad hopping around. After answering the question for this Location, you can take in the beautiful plant life and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Liège.

Looking down towards the city from atop the staircase at Montagne de Bueren.

A little further to the east of the city, Adventurers get to trek up the Montagne de Bueren to complete another Location. The Montagne de Bueren is a 374 step staircase with great views of the city at its upper landing. As the Adventure’s creator, Hslombardot2, mentions in the description of the Location, the staircase was created to give soldiers stationed in the citadel of Liege a direct path to travel from their garrison into town. The hike up the staircase is quite steep, but it’s worth it to be able to see the city from its summit.

If you plan to go on this Adventure on foot, make sure to budget enough time and bring water and snacks. The Locations for this Adventure must be completed in a sequential order that stretches to about seven kilometers and there is a four kilometer walk to arrive back to the starting point from the final location.

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Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.