Geocachers share stories of their first finds

Last month, we asked geocachers on Facebook and Twitter to recount the stories of their first finds—and you delivered! Here are some of the highlights:

Some cache to connect with friends and community…

“While living in Italy years ago, two friends and I visited the island of Sardinia, where my friend told me about this ‘treasure-hunt-esque game’ that she was just introduced to. She showed me how it worked, and I found a cache in a stone wall. It was awesome! That was seven years ago, and it’s still my favorite thing to do when visiting a new city or country.”


“Our first find was very close to home. It was a pill bottle stuffed inside of a toy parrot. After that, we were hooked and amazed at how many there were so close to our small town. Enjoy the journey!”

For others, geocaching runs in the family…

“My first find was when I was eleven years old with my mom. It was just a magnetic Altoids tin, but to us, it was so magical. We weren’t good at stealth then, shouting ‘We found it!’ in celebration. Out of my 500+ finds, that one remains one of my favorites.”


“My sister is a technology fiend, and as soon as she found an article about the Original Stash, she went out and bought a GPSr to start geocaching. Fast forward a couple of years when she came to visit and told me about it: she took me on a geocache hunt and, naturally, I had no clue what to do. She said to just look for something that seems out-of-place. Of course I didn’t find the cache we were after—she did—but it was fun, and I was hooked. That was a really fun day with my sister.”

And, as it turns out, curiosity just gets the best of some geocachers…

“I learned of geocaching one day when my brother, our friend, and I were exploring some trees in our favorite park. Being curious kids, we poked under a tree and found a cache! That cache has long since been archived, but I hid a new one near that spot in memory of it.”


“I saw ‘geocaching’ as one of the menu items on my Garmin Oregon 600, and that made me curious. Five years and about 3,600 finds later, I’m still very enthusiastic about this hobby.”

However you learned about geocaching, we’re glad you’re here! Whether you have ten finds or ten thousand, our community wouldn’t be as special as it is without you. On behalf of Geocaching HQ, thank you for your continued dedication and passion!

Do you have a memorable geocaching milestone? Tell us about it for a chance to be featured in a future post!

Eric is a Community Coordinator at Geocaching HQ. Among other things, he's passionate about animals, the outdoors, and reading.