Add friends in the Geocaching® app!

Whether you want to stay motivated or challenge yourself to accomplish new geocaching goals, having the support and encouragement of friends makes it better, and with the new friends features in the Geocaching® app, it’s easier now too.

As part of the new friends features on the apps for iOS and Android, you can now accept friend requests and see a list of your friends by clicking on the friends icon in your mobile profile. From the friends list, you can easily visit the profile of a friend to send them a message or see their list of current hides and finds. “Phoning a friend” for help now only requires a quick visit to the friends list to send a message asking for a hint or two. And if you want to see which of your friends have found a specific cache, you can tap “Activity” on a cache page in the app and then tap “Friends” on the next screen.

The new friends features also allow you to add friends in the app. Stay in touch by asking a new friend to scan your personal QR code on your profile so they can send you a friend request. Then you can accept their friend request in the app.

To add a friend using the QR code:

  • Open your profile in the app and tap on your profile icon.
  • On your expanded profile, tap “My code” to make the QR code appear.
  • Have your new geocaching friend scan the QR code to send you a friend request.
  • Accept the friend request and celebrate your new friendship!
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