Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Kirstenbosch Meander

Seeing the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is high on the list of popular activities in Cape Town, South Africa. With its treetop canopy boardwalk, impressive amount of indigenous plants and wildlife, and proximity to Table Mountain, it’s no wonder so many people pass through it. However, with so much to see, a trip to Kirstenbosch can easily become overwhelming. Lucky for us, we have the Kirstenbosch Meander Adventure to act as a tour guide, making sure we see all the best spots in the garden.

As you complete the ten Locations of this Adventure you’ll see different places in the gardens that are especially scenic, or highlight the gardens’ diverse animal and plant life. You’ll want to have your camera ready when you arrive at the fifth Location, called “The Rock”. The rock in the title refers to an engraved rock that has the answer to the Location’s question, but it could also refer to the soaring slope of Table Mountain you can see when you’re at the coordinates.

The eighth stop on the tour of Kirstenbosch takes you to the gardens’ Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway, also called The Boomslang, a word that means tree snake. This walkway snakes through a forested area bringing visitors from the forest floor up through the tree canopy and back down. You’ll feel like you’re swinging through a forest as you search for a particular Myrtle Quince tree that has the answer to the Location’s question.

As the Adventurer, Commaile, says in their review of the Kirstenbosch Meander, “If you were to use this as your tour guide through the park, you’d have an excellent visit.”

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Genevieve is a Marketing Associate at Geocaching HQ.