Five scenarios where Pocket queries are the ultimate TOTT (tool of the trade)

Super-cacher, HQ Lackey, and Pocket query expert Jeff (gearguru) answers the what’s and why’s of Pocket queries and shares five scenarios where Pocket queries are the ultimate TOTT (tool of the trade).

So, let’s get into what Pocket queries are and why would you want to use them. Pocket queries*, also known as PQ’s, are custom geocache searches that you can schedule to be emailed on a daily or weekly basis. They are a quick and easy way to group up to 1000 geocaches. Best of all, they show up as a List on the Geocaching® app. (If you prefer to use a handheld dedicated GPS for your geocache outings then PQ’s are a great way to load caches to your unit in large quantities.)

Use PQ’s to create a List of caches based on cache type, cache size, D/T ratings, location, and placed on dates. You can even get more specific by adding fields such as, “I haven’t found,” “Is enabled,” “Have Travel Bugs,” “Found in the last 7 days,” “Does/doesn’t have a certain attribute”, and many more options.

You can also set up Pocket queries to run on a certain day of the week so the information is fresh before heading out to geocache. I like to use “Found in the last 7 days” when traveling since I will be more confident that the cache is at the location and in good health.

I’m a huge fan of PQ’s and have about 400 of them, with 10-12 that run weekly so I am ready for any situation. Here are five of these scenarios, that are perfect for using Pocket queries:

1. Vacation
Planning a trip to a new area and want to find all of the Virtual and Webcam caches? Let a PQ do that for you by entering the zip code! It provides a list of caches in that area.

2. Road trip
If you’re going on a road trip and want to find all the caches along a route within ½ a mile of the road, run a PQ to do just that! Handy when driving long distances.

3. Jasmer Challenge
Run a PQ to show all the caches placed on any set of dates—such as between May 3, 2000 and December 31, 2001—based on a state or country to help complete your Jasmer Challenge.

4. Challenge Caches
If you’re working on a different challenge to find a certain number of large caches, you can run a PQ that shows large caches that haven’t been found by you but have been found by others within the last seven days.

5. Mega- and Giga-Events
Traveling to a Mega- or Giga-Event? Create a PQ based on the event GC code to view all the events happening around the Mega or Giga.

Note: Pocket queries and Lists are a Premium Member feature.

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