2023 Geocaching HQ souvenir moments

With 2022 now behind us, it’s time to focus on the year ahead and plan for all the exciting geocaching moments coming up in 2023. We put together a list of the confirmed souvenir moments so far to help you get ahead on planning your geocaching outings and earning your souvenirs.

Here are the confirmed souvenir moments:

  • Full Sail 2023: January 1 through January 8
  • 2023 hider souvenir: January 1 through December 31
  • Cache In Trash Out®, Season 1: March 1 through May 31
  • Blue Switch Day: May 1 through May 3
  • International Geocaching Day: August 19
  • Cache In Trash Out®, Season 2: September 1 through November 30
  • International EarthCache Day: October 7 and 8
  • Goodbye 2023: December 24 through 31

In addition to these confirmed souvenir moments, Signal’s Labyrinth is also ongoing with opportunities to earn two souvenirs for its current phase and two souvenirs for the final phase from February 6–April 2.

And while you’re planning, make sure to set aside geocaching time to log the time-limited Locationless Cache Discovered while geocaching – Locationless Cache (GC9FAVE). This Locationless Cache has you revisit and share a favorite local place you discovered while geocaching and is available to log until December 31, 2023.

What souvenirs and geocaching moments are you most excited for in 2023?

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