Adventure Lab® Spotlight: Westbury Silhouette Trail

Explore Tasmania with this month’s Adventure Lab Spotlight, Westbury Silhouette Trail. This Adventure, created by sharnie’s tribe, follows a trail of public artworks in the small town of Westbury that reveal the history of the local community, and brings visitors to important sites in the town that they might otherwise miss. From learning about a celebrated cricket player from Westbury, to discovering the intriguing history of a popular inn in the town, the Adventure helps you better understand and enjoy the charm of this community in Australia.

Each Location of this Adventure brings explorers to a different metal silhouette carving that tells a story about Westbury’s history. The first Location depicts the cricket player Clayvel Lindsay Badcock. Badcock started out playing cricket for his home region of Tasmania and made it all the way to touring in The Ashes, an international cricket tournament between England and Australia that started in the late 1800s.

The next stop on the Adventure takes you to Fitzpatrick’s Inn. The inn was started by the three Fitzpatrick sisters in 1903 and stayed in their ownership for much of the twentieth century. The inn became known for the personalities of the sisters and the lavish parties they held there. Though the Fitzpatrick sisters are long gone now, the inn has been maintained and restored so that guests and visitors can step in and enjoy the same atmosphere that made the inn such an important part of the community in its early days.

The Adventure has five Locations at different silhouette carvings all fairly close to one another and it is not linear, so the questions can be answered in whatever order you arrive at each Location. With the short distance between each stop on the Adventure, it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete if you want to do it all at once. If you’re looking to learn even more about the history of Westbury, you can continue your exploration with three additional silhouettes on the trail that are not in the Adventure.

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Genevieve is a Marketing Manager at Geocaching HQ.