Nosy Tanikely — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
S 13° 29.044 E 048° 14.224

There’s nothing quite like geocaching on an island. Just sand, water, and adventure in every direction. But have you ever found a geocache on an island inside an island country? It’s island-ception! 

Welcome to Madagascar, an African island nation that overflows with stunning natural wonders. Join us as we sail to the nature preserve of Nosy Tanikely (GC3RP94) to geocache on island time. 

Only slightly smaller than France, the island of Madagascar is quite far from other countries! Separated from the African mainland by 260 miles (425 km) of water, visitors to Madagascar will need to make a special effort, either by boat or plane, to arrive in this beautiful country.

Our Geocache of the Week brings us to northwestern Madagascar, a picturesque and tropical destination with low mountains that hug a dramatic coastline. To find our Geocache of the Week, travelers must make their way to Nosy Tanikely, a small, uninhabited marine sanctuary with relaxing beaches and abundant recreational opportunities.

Image by papamandresi.

When you visit the island, don’t forget there’s snorkeling, scuba diving, and beachy relaxation around every corner. However, once you’ve charted a course for the island, your first step on dry land may feel nothing short of surreal. Even though mainland Madagascar is only 8 miles (13 km) away, it’s easy to feel distant from everyone and everything. 

Image by Sergio974.

Ready for a touch of guidance, the Geocaching® mobile app suggests that you head a bit deeper into the brush. Armed with a helpful hint from the cache page, anticipation builds as you make your way toward ground zero (GZ), the final coordinates for the cache. The tension is palpable as you slowly hone in on the items described in the description and hint. 

Image by KaarelJagomägi.

With an expert eye, you spot something a little out of the ordinary in this natural sanctuary. Eureka! It’s the cache! A feeling of relief comes to you as you hop down from the elevated hiding location of the cache. Currently, fewer than 100 geocachers have found GC3RP94. What an accomplishment!

Image by die vier edelsteine.

Proudly, you ink your name in the logbook and replace the cache in the hiding location described on the cache page. With nowhere to be besides enjoying Nosy Tanikely, it’s time to return to the beach. Before you realize it, it’s already time to leave the island. Right on queue, as if in a grand cinematic production, the sun sets beautifully on this magical day. Yet again, the magic of geocaching brought you to an enchanting destination.

Image by papamandresi.

Your mind wanders as your vessel bobs on the ocean during your return to the mainland. “Would I have visited this tiny treasure if it weren’t for geocaching?” It’s hard to say for certain, but regardless, it truly was a worthy adventure. 

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Adam is the Adventure Lab® Support Manager at Geocaching HQ. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, you can find him laying out for a catch in ultimate frisbee, playing the baritone sax, or lacing up his boots to cache on a PNW hike.