Explore the Pacific Northwest with Northwest Trolls: Way of the Bird King Adventures

This fall, Geocaching HQ is partnering with Scan Design Foundation to place Adventures at whimsical troll sculptures across the Pacific Northwest.

The Northwest Troll project, themed “Way of the Bird King,” includes six sites in the Pacific Northwest where Danish environmental artist, Thomas Dambo, is installing large-scale Trolls fashioned out of recycled materials.

In Nordic mythology and folklore, trolls are known to be fierce protectors of nature. From Ole Bolle in Portland, Oregon, to Pia the Peacekeeper on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and Jakob Two Trees in Issaquah, Washington, the Northwest Trolls tell a tale of protecting nature and honoring the land and waterways.

This ambitious public art project is presented by Scan Design Foundation, whose mission is to support Danish-American relations with a focus on environmental sustainability. The Northwest Troll project celebrates the human experience of art by amplifying the connections of cultural heritage between Coast Salish tribal communities and Scandinavian traditions. It reinforces the shared values of environmental stewardship for watershed protection, restoration, and preservation of riparian habitats.

The artist Thomas Dambo wrote a poem to go with each of the trolls. Below is a list of the six Adventures, and the poems for each troll:

1. Ole Bolle at Nordic Northwest 🇩🇰🇫🇮🇮🇸🇳🇴🇸🇪
Ole Bolle

Photo: Erik Davidson.

“There’s something in the air, that something makes my belly rumble.
Something smells so strong, it hits me, almost makes me stumble.
Could it be the little people cooking something smelly.
In the big red cookie jar, so I can put them in my belly.”

2. #NWTrolls – Meet Pia on Bainbridge Island 🏝️
Pia the Peacekeeper

photo credit: courtesy of Scan Design Foundation.

“Pretty pretty please, let’s keep the peace beneath the trees
Hold you in my hand I will remind you with a squeeze
Quiet little people cause your criers make me tired
Pia likes to play with people, people they keep quiet”

3. #NWTrolls – Meet Bruun Idun at Lincoln Park 🍂
Bruun Idun

photo credit: courtesy of Scan Design Foundation.

“In the night there was a storm
There at the beach where she was born
And Idun felt a feeling wrong
and so she walked there in the dawn

And in a flute, the magic horn,
a tune so passionate and strong
She played for them an orca song
To ask them where they all have gone”

4. #NWTrolls – Meet Jakob Two Trees in Issaquah 🌳🌳
Jacob Two Trees

photo credit: courtesy of Scan Design Foundation.

A thousand circle suns not old 🌞
Time will stretch and loop and fold ⏳
So stop breathe out, breathe in, behold 🌬
The trees have sung, a story told 🌲🌲

5. Vashon Troll: Way of the Bird King 👑
Oscar the Bird King

photo credit: courtesy of Scan Design Foundation.

6. #NWTrolls Ballard: Meet Frankie Feetsplinters 🇳🇴
Frankie Feetslpinters

photo credit: courtesy of Scan Design Foundation.

Whether you complete one of the Adventures, or all six, you’re bound to walk away with a renewed sense of wonder. To learn more about the Pacific Northwest Troll project, visit www.nwtrolls.org.

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