Das PETling-Zimmer — Geocache of the Week

Letterbox Hybrid
by PETling-Mafia
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
N 52° 15.125′ E 008° 51.179′

Have you ever had difficulty making a choice on where to begin? This Letterbox Hybrid may only have three stages, but there are thousands of opportunities for hints and perhaps fun, too!

A petling is a pre-formed 2-liter soda capsule and a very common container in Germany, where this geocache resides. Hidden by the infamous PETling-Mafia, the group got together to create a geocache with so many petling containers it could be a crime.

The first stages involve you finding some special tools and information nearby. Although once you have the final coordinates figured out, you are arguably just getting started.

One might open the door to the final stage and say, “Forget about it,” when you realize thousands of containers hang from the ceiling, teasing you. But there are additional hints that’ll help you determine which petling is the one you’re looking for.

It almost seems like you’re in the center of the universe with stars all around—and if it’s any constellation, the difficulty rating is only a D2. Therefore, the PETling-Mafia kept that in mind when setting up over a thousand containers.

The immersive experience, the hundreds of Favorite points, and the thousands of logs make for an offer you cannot refuse. If you have any doubts about how amazing this cache is, just check out the logs and gallery from other cachers.

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