Rainbow TB Day Spa & Health Retreat – Geocache of the Week

Letterbox Hybrid
by Peppa
Queensland, Australia
S 27° 35.630 E 152° 59.143

Ahhh… don’t you love a relaxing day at the spa after a long journey?

Weary geocachers aren’t the only ones who need a break. Treat your trackables with a little TLC! The Rainbow TB Day Spa & Health Retreat (GC9HMR0) is a place where you and your trackables can rest and refresh before planning your next adventure.

The Rainbow TB Day Spa & Health Retreat provides “an extensive range of health, rejuvenation, and specialized spa services to visiting trackables.” Cache owner Peppa pampers foot-sore trackables and ensures they are in tip-top shape as they travel the world and fulfill their missions.

Image by Captain Terror.

Tucked away on a subtle side street near Brisbane, Australia, this suburban spa is a welcome respite for geocachers and trackables alike who flock to this region known for its natural beauty and quality geocaches.

Such a stealthy bit of joy and rainbows, perfectly concealed here.” –Captain Terror

Finding this cache may be simple, but you need a secret password to gain access to the exclusive guest list. Once inside, however, it’s obvious to see why this cache is the talk of the town!


Complete with a miniature reception area, this spa has everything a tired trackable needs, from new chains and decorative attachments to goals tags to help get to their next destination. Once checked in, geocachers can sort their trackable into one of several cozy and colorful rooms. Don’t forget to sign the logbook and stamp your letterboxing journal as a memento of your visit!

Image by see_the_world_while_geocaching.

The spa supervisor and cache owner describes the creation of this cache as a labor of love between friends.

“It was a comment from one of my closest friends, the person who introduced me to caching, that she “hates not being able to tell what a TB wants to do easily” that was the seed that started the process…” —Peppa

So Peppa enlisted the help of several creative friends to build their own colorful version of a “Trackable Hotel” to welcome wandering trackables.

Image by KezzBear.

What do you find at the end of a rainbow? Treasure, of course! But not all treasures are gold and jewels; sometimes, it’s the experiences and memories shared with friends along the way. This cache is not just a testament to friendship; it’s a warm and heartfelt ode to all the great friends Peppa has made geocaching, reminding us of the value of our own friendships.

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