Exploring History and Stories at Waldviertel Geschichte und Geschichten Mega-Event in Horn, Austria

Geocaching HQ Lackeys attend dozens of Mega and Giga-Events around the world–shaking hands, frog feet, and friendly paws, sharing stories of adventures and geocaching! Geocaching HQ’s nykkole is the Lead, Senior Product Manager for the Mobile Team. She recently traveled to Austria to attend the Waldviertel Geschichte und Geschichten🌲📜📖 Mega-Event (GCA501G). Here’s her trip summary.

The event took place on June 8 and 9, and while the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms, the weather frogs must have been out geocaching because we saw only sunshine all weekend long. Horn, a cozy small town near Vienna, was the perfect setting for the Mega–while Adventure Labs guided us through town and history, geocaches allowed us to explore the nearby trails.

The main Event kicked off with a warm welcome from the organizing team. Two other celebrities were seen as well: Signal the Frog and the mayor of Horn! It was quite a highlight to see 1,500 geocachers gather in this small town, it even made the local news.

The Mega had so many thoughtful details and exciting highlights that it is hard to pick just a few. The Mega Horn Austria Passport created for the Event led me to various interesting locations around the Event site to find information and collect stamps for each location. This made sure that I didn’t miss the giant geocoin exhibit by Lexi71, the Signal selfie booth, or Woodiemat. One unique moment was the ceremonial opening of a beer barrel brewed especially for the event. These activities created a vibrant and engaging atmosphere, making it easy to connect with other geocachers.

Another highlight were the Adventure Labs (ALs) published for the Event, especially the gadget ALs on-site. Each puzzle was unique and provided just the right level of challenge for small groups of cachers to tackle together.

I also enjoyed learning about the town of Horn through the many ALs. I discovered fascinating tidbits, such as the connection between the architect Hundertwasser who went to school in Horn and later designed a building in my own hometown. I didn’t have time to find all the newly published caches, but the gadget cache published after the Cache In Trash Out (CITO) event stood out. It was creatively themed around recycling, requiring participants to learn about recycling processes to unlock mini trash bins and retrieve the code container that held the logbook.

Throughout the weekend, I had numerous opportunities to connect with fellow geocachers, share stories over a beer or geocaching, and even meet some adorable geo-pups.

Overall, the Waldviertel Geschichte und Geschichten Mega-Event was an unforgettable experience. I met so many friendly people and had countless wonderful encounters. Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers for hosting such a fantastic event!

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