Author, dreamer, geocacher — Interview with Kat Kronenberg

Trackable fans know of her, children love her books, and dreamers dream bigger because of her. Kat Kronenberg is at the center of everything wholesome in our world. If you are not familiar with her, she is a best-selling and award-winning author who lives in Austin, Texas. Her two popular children’s books “Dream Big” and “Love Big” carry positive messages to children and adults alike. If this sounds familiar to you as a geocacher, it’s likely because of the two trackable promotions in recent years. Between her two campaigns, 2,600 trackables have been released and have travelled a cumulative 7 million miles  (11 million km) to 114 countries.

Kat chose to work with Geocaching HQ because she herself is a geocacher and has a connection to the community:

“The treasure hunt theme and community are why I decided to partner with Geocaching. I have to be true to my vision and if I am going to put any time and resources to building the vision of what my books are intended to be this was the place to do it. Mine started in Austin, Texas with the hope to make it to Africa. So far it has been to Hawaii and is in Canada now. AMAZING!”

The ups and downs of life are something Kat is intimately familiar with. Her story is inspirational, intriguing, and full of love. We interviewed Kat Kronenberg to share her amazing journey.


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Andorra Geocache of the Week

New country souvenir, Andorra, with Geocache of the Week: La T1 Perduda

by Maduixeta team
N 42° 28.316 E 001° 32.624
Rocky mountain high
Rocky mountain high

Today we release a new country/regional souvenir for Andorra! If you have found a geocache in Andorra, you automatically receive the souvenir on your profile.

Located in the Pyrenees mountains of southwest Europe lies the marvelous country of Andorra. Europe’s sixth smallest nation enjoys a variety of microclimates such as alpine, continental, and Mediterranean. Andorra La Vella has the highest elevation of any European capital city with an elevation of 1,023 m (3,356 ft). Unique, no?

Something else that’s beautifully unique is our Geocache of the Week: a retired Volkswagen bus hauled 2,600 m (8,500 ft) up to the top of a rugged mountain, surrounded by a hillside of sharp and gnarly rocks. You know this one needs to go on your List of dream caches to find! Continue reading →

Moun10Bike’s top 10 geocaches

For the past 10 years, Geocaching HQ has been home to a geocaching legend. His name is Jon Stanley and he’s a member of the data team. But he’s better known as Moun10Bike in the geocaching world. As one of the world’s first-ever geocachers, Moun10Bike earned his geocaching fame by creating the first of what we now know as geocoins.

Moun10Bike has cached in nearly 20 countries and has some impressive stats to go along with his 19 years of geocaching. But we may have given him his hardest challenge yet: choose your top 10 most memorable (active) geocache finds. Without further ado, I give you Moun10Bike’s top 10 (in no particular order):

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Environmental initiatives of geocaching

At Geocaching HQ, we are committed to the environment and continue to model eco-friendly practices and positively contribute to our world. The best progress towards this goal happens when the geocaching community and HQ work together. From EarthCaches and Geoawares to partnering with environmental agencies, here are six initiatives HQ participates in to geocache, live, and work more sustainably.

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Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ — Geocache of the Week

by IronManiacGLD
Location: Netherlands
N 51° 57.171′ E 006° 08.580′

“ATTENTION! Front yard cache!” is the first thing you see when checking the listing of

Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ in Loil, Netherlands. But this is no ordinary yard.

Cache owner IronManiacGLD has turned his front yard into an eclectic geocaching paradise full of birdhouses, tubes, padlocks, pulleys, and puzzle boxes. To initiate the Multi-Cache, locate and scan the first QR code. A message appears, “Welcome to Maniac cache: ‘QR Challenge’ (front yard cache) in Loil. This is a really nice search for young and old geocachers to think through and complete! Do you accept the challenge?”

If you accept the challenge, keep reading about this Geocache of the Week!

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