Calorie Alley—Geocache of the Week

Calorie Alley—Geocache of the Week

by TeamPhoenix421
Indiana, United States
N 41° 28.290 W 087° 16.252
Calorie Alley—Geocache of the Week
Calorie Alley—Geocache of the Week

If you drive along Route 30 in northwest Indiana between the cities of Hobart and Merrillville, you will pass between two famous confectionery suppliers. One of America’s largest candy companies (makers of gummy animals and various chocolates) sits on the eastbound side, while a small local popcorn company (featuring over 200 flavors) sits on the westbound side. This small stretch of road was dubbed “Calorie Alley” for obvious reasons.

But here’s a kernel of truth: “Calorie Alley” is also the name of a sweet geocache for you and your special sugar to discover.  

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From Sketch to Souvenir: the artist behind Hidden Creatures

With eight years of Geocaching HQ experience, graphic designer Roxxy is one half of the creative creatures that make up the design team here at HQ! She’s been designing souvenirs, geocoins, art, and more since 2010 and she is the artist behind the mythical beings of Hidden Creatures. We chatted with Roxxy to learn how Geocaching souvenirs come to life!

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Shop the official Hidden Creatures merchandise

Next week, geocachers will begin searching all over the world for Hidden Creatures while adding up to 13 souvenirs to their profile. Add even more to this experience with the Official Hidden Creatures merchandise from Shop Geocaching.

Hidden Creatures merchandise is being sold by 19 different shops in 11 countries thanks to our participating distribution partners!

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Let’s talk about geocache quality

Today, we’re inviting you to join a community conversation about geocache quality. You have the opportunity to share thoughts about how you define geocache quality and what you think the community or Geocaching HQ can do to improve it. But before we get into specifics, let’s talk about why we think this conversation is necessary.

Cache quality has always been an important topic. In order for geocaching to continue to thrive, people have to enjoy what they’re finding. Here at Geocaching HQ, we’ve taken steps in recent years to bring cache quality into greater focus, including: the Geocache Health Score, the introduction of Virtual Rewards, recognition of great cache hiders in the Geocaching Blog, and more. If we’re going to do more, we’d like to first give geocachers a place to make their voices heard and see how others in the community feel about cache quality.

We have opened a new thread in our User Insights Forum. (We’re also opening dedicated threads for German and French speakers. For all other languages, please answer in the English thread and we’ll translate when compiling the feedback.)

There are four questions to answer:

  • In your mind, what is a high quality geocache?
  • In your mind, what is a low quality geocache?
  • What steps can the community take to improve geocache quality?
  • What steps can Geocaching HQ take to improve geocache quality?

The threads are open for three weeks. After compiling the feedback, we expect to follow up with a survey to gather more information.

Geocaching is played by a vibrant community of millions of people across the world. We hope this conversation will help identify common themes and possible next steps as we continue to build tools and services for the game.

Get notified every time you earn a souvenir

Great news! You’ll never miss when you earn a new souvenir while using the Geocaching® app. You now get a notification every time you earn a new souvenir. Tap it to view the full souvenir, or simply dismiss it and keep on caching on.

Speaking of souvenirs, don’t forget you can earn up to 13 new souvenirs with Hidden Creatures starting June 27!

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