Vous savez que vous êtes géocacheur si…

Voici une nouvelle série qui durera 4 mois, nommée “Vous savez que vous êtes géocacheur si…” Chaque mois, de septembre à décembre, utilisez la Ligue d’Amis pour engranger individuellement des points qui vous permettront de gagner un nouveau souvenir Type de Géocacheur. Êtes-vous plutôt Accro à l’adrénaline ? Expert ès caches ? Prix de camaraderie ? Amateur de TB ? Collectionnez tous ces titres pour devenir géocacheur suprême.

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GIFF films due next week!

The deadline to submit a film to the 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival is August 1st, 2018!

If you’re a GIFF filmmaker, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your film reel, double-check the contest rules, upload your film to Vimeo, and fill out the GIFF submission form. Then, sit back, relax, and plan your next geocaching adventure.

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Last chance! Collect all 13 Hidden Creatures

The mountains are calling and you must go. Your final exploration location requires a set of strong legs and endurance. This mighty batch of creatures includes a grumpy Troll, a cool Yeti, and a ferocious Dragon. Do you have what it takes to track them all down?

Now through July 25, find geocaches or attend events to confirm sightings of 13 Hidden Creatures and earn new souvenirs as you discover them!

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The world wide search for Hidden Creatures continues

Once said to be folklore and myth, the legends of the desert have proven to be more than a mirage. While geocaching through a landscape of sand, harsh sunlight, and tumbleweed, you will have to look sharp to find evidence of the creatures in the desert. There is still time to confirm a sighting of the regal Sphinx, the legendary Gryphon, and the elusive Phoenix!

Now until July 25, travel to the ends of the Earth to confirm sightings of the 13 Hidden Creatures. Find geocaches or attend events to earn souvenirs of the Hidden Creatures!

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