Thousand Steps Cache (GC59AF) — Geocache of the Week

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Geocache Name:

Thousand Steps Cache (GC59AF) by Team KP and Kid

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

It may be a bit of a misnomer, but the 1000 Steps Cache is not for the faint of heart. To reach it, geocachers trek up an old set of stone steps (just over 1000 steps, in fact) along the side of Jacks Mountain in Pennsylvania. The rewards of the journey are three-fold. There’s the stunning view at the top, which is well worth the climb. Then there’s the cache, a large, well-maintained ammo can that lends itself well to being a 1000th cache find milestone (check out the pictures and you’ll see why). Then there’s the fact that you can skip the stairmaster for the next few days…or week…or month. Geocachers in the area do this hike as a kind of rite of passage, even a pilgrimage. It’s a great example of a simple cache hide that brings immense pleasure to those who find it.

What geocachers have to say:

“We wanted to do this one for a long time and found a great day to do it. Lots of folks on the trail today even a couple with their pet goat. Thanks for bringing us here for the physical challenge and a great view. TFTC.” –Bob*kat

“When we arrived at the parking for this cache, it was pouring down rain, and I practically had to physically drag Zoimbeee out of the car to head up the steps. For most of the climb, we were surrounded by thunder and lightning, but there was no way I was going to skip this awesome cache location, if it meant arguing with a teenager the entire walk up and trying to convince him the entire experience would be worth it. Thanks for hiding this great cache.” –Geo_Ghosts

“What an exhausting hike to this one, and an awesome view. Creepy spiders all over, cant wait to see what kind the are. This was one of the most difficult terrains we have done, and loved every minute of it. Really enjoyed reading the history of the steps. Favorite from me. TFTC.” –GeoJane77

“What a fantastic thought for a cache! It does take you up a bit. The view is spectacular! We definitely will add this to our favorite list! Thank you for this well thought out cache. Winwinters and I are out and about. We are enjoying the hunt! Many thanks to all the CO’ s for hiding and maintaining these caches.
Thanks for the cache!” –PenguinTeacher

What the cache owner has to say:

When did you first visit the thousand steps, and how many times would you say you’ve climbed them since then to do maintenance on the cache?
“We first visited Thousand Steps about 20 years ago with our kids. They were around 10 &12 at the time. A few years later we started Geocaching as a family & decided to place a cache up at the top where the view is amazing. We use to go up a few times a year for maintenance. I even took up small bottles of water for those who didn’t bring any. In the past few years it’s been about once a year. Our daughter has helped with it also. We’ve even had fellow geocachers who were kind enough to help.”

What’s the main reason you think people go for your cache (despite the trek)?
“We think people go for this cache because of all that it offers, a challenging climb, an excellent view, lots of travel bugs, etc. Also because of all the great things geocachers write about it and it being a favorite of many.”

Do you have any funny stories about this cache or this area?
“My daughter and husband were in front coming down the steps my son and I following. All of a sudden my son stops because of a rattle snake on the steps. My daughter and husband stepped right over it and didn’t notice. It had just eaten (evident by bulge in body) so my husband set it way off the path.

Also my friend and I were doing the steps to get in shape and an older gentleman with a weighted backpack passed us a few times on our trek. Turns out he does Thousand Steps twice a day. We felt really out of shape after that.”

What’s been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?
“Our reaction has been one of amazement. We knew people would like it but we never expected it to be such a fan favorite or for it to be Geocache of the week!”

Is there anything you’d like to say to the geocaching community?
“Thank you Geocaching for getting our family into this wonderful sport! It was a way to keep our family close even as our kids grew and went off to college. Now our kids are Geocaching with their kids! Thank you to all geocachers who visited Thousand Steps. Thank you for making it a favorite and thanks for helping with the maintenance!”


The start of the steps. Photo by Shrlock.
The start of the steps. Photo by Shrlock.


Geocachers kidcard and friend with the 1000 Steps Cache
The view from the top. Photo by MrBee&WillowTree.


OhMelli, Nana’s Luz, and T-Tyger after finding the cache.


Tundra Wolf and his geo-pack posing at the top.


The thousandth step… but not the last one!


magicmike&honeybee making this one their 3000th cache


Another stunning view from the top. Photo by GeoChara.

This cache is difficult to reach, but it’s well worth the hike. What’s been the most satisfying cache find you’ve had after a strenuous adventure?

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words (GC5DN6X) — Geocache of the Week

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Geocache Name:

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (GC5DN6X) by GR8Caches

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

Although this geocache has a relatively nondescript cache page, 253 favorite points in four months do not lie. A well-known childhood toy, some local art, and a bit of a puzzle combine to make a gadget cache well worth the visit. You might have a hard time being discreet when you find it (you’ll be laughing from sheer joy)—but the nearby business owner already knows it’s there. A round of applause to the cache owner for creating such a unique cache hide.

What geocachers have to say:

“So awesome. Definitely one of my favorite caches ever! Thank you so much for this cache. FP.” –tropicaltrish05

“On our way home from the MCBC Geotrail. What a fantastic cache- best one in a long time! This was well thought out and very creative. Just tough enough to make you think for a bit, but not too tough to solve. Both Mrs R & myself enjoyed this one as we both contributed to the solution. Are you guys taking lessons from Professor Tim or are you now teaching the course? Would give this one 5 favorites if we could! Left one of our Pathtags. Thanks for really nice gadget cache.” –rehobch

“If there ever was a cache worthy of to create favorites it would be this one. I admire the creativity that it took to create this cache because it reminded me of my childhood and showed me some historical images. Afterwards we went inside and talked to the owner and checked out his store.” –cooley1103

“What a happy coincidence. We parked in the lot where this is located in order to complete another local cache, and when I switched to nearby caches this one was at the top of the list! It also is near the top of my “really want to find” caches! Had some head scratching and was very happy to see the light! So fun!
A bonus was that hubby got to check out the gallery. If he had his way our home interior would look much like this store! May need to stop by for a very nice gift…1,000 thanks to GR8Caches!” –Invaluable1

“On a business trip from Hawai’i and exploring the area. What an awesome cache! Thanks for bringing us out here!” –Wild Dog Clan

What the cache owner has to say:

How did you come up with the idea for this sort of gadget cache?
One day my wife and I were out caching and having a discussion about putting out a new cache, something really good that we never had done or seen before. We had already used a Lite-Brite for a night cache we have. So we started talking about old toys. Then it hit me why not a view master cache. She looked up online to see if you could have a reel made and sure enough you can. So the view master idea was born. We wanted something that would go with where we put the cache and a way of tying it all in.

We collect civil war art and buy from a local dealer, so we got permission to place the cache at his gallery. We then had to seek permission from the artist for use of his artwork in the view master reel. Lastly I needed to add something cache related to the art and have the reel created. This process took almost a year to complete along with the build.

Do you ever hear about or see muggles checking out the cache?
I have passed by when cachers were doing the cache but have not seen muggles doing it nor heard of a time where they done it.

What’s been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?
The logs have been amazing. It is really satisfying getting logs that are more than TFTC. When you create a cache that is one of a kind it is nice when you get feedback that reinforces the uniqueness of the cache. I really enjoy the logs a great deal.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the geocaching community?
Come do my cache, you will love it.










We know it’s tough…but what’s your absolute favorite gadget cache? Post your photos and stories in the comments.

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A Cache In Plain Sight — Gdansk TB Hotel (GC2EC67) — Geocache of the Week

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Geocache Name:

Gdansk TB Hotel (GC2EC67) by Thathanka

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

It’s not often that a cache hidden in plain sight manages to surprise and delight its finders, but this one does. Tourists visiting Gdańsk, Poland who visit this cache find themselves standing in front of a secret that most locals don’t even know about. To the muggle (non-geocacher), the red metal cube next to the bicycle is merely functioning as a kickstand to a nice piece of “upcycled” art. The geocacher knows otherwise. It’s a lesson that not every geocache has to involve clever gadgets to blend in to its surroundings—this one just needed some red paint and the right setting.

What geocachers have to say:

“What an interesting cache-container in this beautiful old town. I think, we should come back to Gdansk for a longer time, because, today we had not so much time during our Cruising Stop. Thank you for the Cache and greetings from Germany.”  –Cache-Kühe

“So good! And so cheeky! Had some polish friends to cover me with some people and a pram… and so opened the container and signed the logbook. Seems impossible to do it alone…for the nice idea I leave a FAVpoint and a big THANK YOU, Wolffsteam from Germany.” –Wolffsteam

“Roadtrip through Europe: 18 days and 4924 kilometres. We visited 10 countries and our only goal was to find at least 1 geocache in each of them – which we also succeeded! Altogether we found about 25 geocaches. Very nice TB hotel! Worth a FP from us. Also we liked the souvenirs in the shop and bought a bagful of them 🙂 We took the French TB to travel to Finland with us. Thanks for the cache and greetings from Finland!” –Team Korppi

What the geocache owner, Thathanka, has to say:

How did you come up with the idea to hide the cache in plain sight?

“The cache has a history. First of all when I hid this cache back in 2010 wasn’t very popular in Poland and there was no safe and easy accessible place in Gdansk to swap trackables. When it was published it was placed in the shop and it was very well received by geocachers what you can read in logs but after about 2.5 years it was reported as violating the Guidelines and I had to think about future of the cache. I had to move it outside the shop or archive. The second option wasn’t a solution to anything because I could already see a demand for a cache of this type. I worked with landowners on the solution and they accepted my idea of another “gadget” in front of their shop and we came out with present form of the cache. It’s obvious for geocachers and nicely invisible for other tourists. As I’ve heard recently, it’s Muggle-proof and apparently the change we made was for good as the cache is now available 24/7.”

Do you think non-geocachers ever wonder what the red box is for?

“From the logs I know that in most cases tourists pay no attention to the cache thinking about it as part of shop decoration and moreover they do not even pay attention to geocachers at the cache. Although I’ve heard that tourists sometimes make a jokes about geocachers trying to steal the bicycle next to the cache.”

What’s been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?

“I love this type of caches myself and I’m trying to find them in the cities I’m visiting. I reward them with FP’s because it’s not easy to hide something bigger than micro in city environment. I’m sincerely surprised by popularity and nice comments which are clear proof that it’s worth to make an effort. Every single positive log and each FP make me smile and give me inspiration to make every next cache better than previous one. I treat FP’s as a blue fuel for me as a cache maker.”

Is there anything you’d like to say to the geocaching community?

“Example of Gdansk TB Hotel cache shows that if your initial idea of the cache does not meet guidelines and your Reviewer is asking you to make changes, you may feel disappointment (I was there!) but it’s worth to think about it as an opportunity for even better solution because results may very positively surprise you.”



Kids are fantastic camouflage!
daim77 with the cache


The logbook doubles as a good souvenir idea.


Team Fuchsgewitz nonchalantly standing near the cache.


This geocache was featured on Geocaching’s Instagram page.


What has been the best “hidden in plain sight” geocache you’ve ever found? Post your stories and photos in the comments.

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Auburn Sea (GC3QGYZ) — Geocache of the Week


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Geocache Name:

Auburn Sea by Nashuan with help from CaladorGCS

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

While geocaching is a hobby that’s captured the hearts of millions of people, not all geocaches are created equal. Not every cache is difficult to find. Not every cache is well-maintained. Not every cache is going to make your jaw drop and your eyes fall out when you see it.

But this one does. “Auburn Sea” is a Puzzle Cache that melds adventure, history, and handiwork. After deciphering a tricky puzzle about the pirate Captain Kidd and his beloved treasure, the geocacher embarks on a quest to find said treasure…or die trying.* The geocacher who finds the cache treasure is only halfway there—getting it open is an adventure in and of itself. *not really

The logs and favorite points on this cache are testament to the creativity of the puzzle and the hide. This cache is sure to bring smiles to all who dare to find it.

What geocachers have to say:

“Best cache we have found yet. Very cool! This will get a favorite from us. TFTC.” –WeRmudfun

“Everything about this cache was fantastic from the puzzle the cache page and of course the final container. This is one of those you wish you could give more then one favorites to. Thank you for one of the highlights of the trip. This was #14 of 20 for the day. Thank you for the cache.” –Odyn

“I’d solved this one a while ago and enjoyed the process….and then when I knew we were coming up here to the Auburn Sea to walk on water, I found I’d lost my notes, left nothing electronic, and had to find the solution to all the puzzles all over again….surprisingly difficult even the second time! Both the puzzle work and the cache at GZ are amazing bits of work….the treasure chest was far nicer than I’d expected even based on spoiler images, and getting it out and open was impressive and loads of fun. Can I give more than one favorite point???” –T13

“The puzzle is the work of a master craftsman, and the treasure awaiting was beyond description. The adventure, exceptional.” –snewt lindell
Read the rest of snewt’s awesome log on this cache here.



The treasure chest…not yet opened.
Close up of Captain Kidd’s home turf.
Treasure seeker rjb43nh and others.
The treasure chest…opened!
The FTF prize.

Spoiler video! (Also available via the cache page).

Some cache owners go above and beyond to make finding and logging their cache an experience. What’s been your favorite geocaching experience?

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Größter Cachebehälter Österreichs? (GC35Q1C) — Geocache of the Week


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Geocache Name:

Größter Cachebehälter Österreichs? by artig&hold

Difficulty/Terrain Rating:


Why this is the Geocache of the Week:

“Größter Cachebehälter Österreichs” means Biggest Cache Container in Austria…which this one may very well be, depending on how you define ‘cache container’.  Geocachers who arrive at GZ find themselves standing in front of wood-gated door in an old brick wall. Hidden somewhere nearby is the trick to unlocking the door, after which is you follow a set of narrow stone stairs that descend down to blackness.

Depending on what kind of geocacher you are, it’s either eerie or exciting (or maybe a bit of both) to climb down those stairs, but geocachers who do are treated to a first class logging experience. At the bottom of the stairs is an old wine cellar, now home to an old desk and chair, an assortment of drippy candles, various swag items, and of course…the logbook. If you listen carefully you may hear the ghost of a pinot noir calling you from the darkest corners of the cellar.

What geocachers have to say:

“Einen Cache dieser Art habe ich noch nie gesehen: begehbar, sehr geräumig und wohltemperiert. Wirklich etwas Besonderes und einen kleinen Umweg wert.” –sunflower2012
I’ve never seen a geocache like this one: accessible, spacious, and of a comfortable temperature. Really something special, and totally worth a small detour. 

“Von diesem Cache hatte ich schon gehört… heute war ich endlich mal in der Nähe und wollte mir diesen nicht entgehen lassen. Nach einer kurzen Suche wusste ich auch wie ich hineinkomme 😉 Das war wirklich eine willkommende Abkühlung heute! Schön gemacht! Ich nehme einen Coin mit auf die Reise und hinterlasse einen FP! Danke für´s “Verstecken”, Zeigen und Herrichten sagen Die Glücksmagneten.” –Die Glücksmagneten
I’d heard about this cache…today I was finally in the area and couldn’t miss it. After a short search I figured out how to get inside. This was really a welcome cooling-off today! I’m taking a coin with me on my travels, and leaving behind a favorite point! Thank you for “hiding”, sharing, and organizing.”

“Ich war schon sehr neugierig und konnte es kaum erwarten den Cache zu finden. Und dann diese Überraschung. So toll und schön gemacht. War mir eine Ehre mich hier zu verewigen. Bekommt auf jeden Fall einen ganz dicken Favi.” –Ellanna
I was very curious about this cache and could hardly wait to find it. And then this surprise! So amazing and well-made. It was an honor to be here. Absolutely getting a big fat favorite point.

What the cache owner has to say:

What inspired you to hide the cache here?
We always wanted to make some kind of a special cache. Not another film canister behind a traffic sign. 😉 We then had the opportunity to buy this small property opposite of our own wine cellar. And there was this damaged old wine cellar on it. As we did not want this old wine cellar to get completely rotten, so we renovated it. We had no real need for it, so my wife and me decided to try to make a cache out of it. We always sad, as long as no one damages something we will have a cache there. Just once we had some children finding the way to enter the cache and they spread the log book, but it was easy to repair it. And a other funny story happened when a cacher found the key to another wine cellar in the area, but that is another story. We have now some years without damage, and the cache is still alive.

How old is the cellar in which the cache is hidden? Are there many in the area?
No one knows how old those wine cellars are. In former days in our area nearly every house of a village had its own wine cellar. So there are quite some in the area. The local farmers dug them in winter time, but it was not written down when and from whom. The estimation is that they are some 200-300 of years old.

What has been your reaction to all of the nice logs and Favorite Points?
Of course it is a big pleasure to read all those nice logs and the see the Favourite Points coming in. ☺

Is there anything you’d like to say to the geocaching community?
We hope to see many more cachers visiting our cache. If you see some people opposite of the cache – don’t be shy it’s maybe us. If we are there we are happy to have some glass of wine and a chat with you!



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Some cache owners go above and beyond to make finding and logging their cache an experience. What’s your best experience?

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