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Alaska's Earthcaches (shared, public)

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Earthcaches on America's Last Frontier...

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GC5DJC5 Earthcache ~ Marble Islands: Glacier Bay, Alaska ~
  This gem of an earthcache is generally experienced by observation from the deck of passing cruise ships, giving travelers an up-close look at the dynamics of geologic change along Alaska's ever-changing coastline. Plan your visit in advance, as you'll need to know how to observe and when to be on deck to take advantage of this opportunity!  

GC513D4 Earthcache 1964 Alaska Earthquake: Earthquake Park
  Take a stroll through the former Turnagain subdivision, home to some of the most iconic photos documenting the impact of the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. Land forms created during the earthquake (which lasted over 4 minutes) are still visible, in mute testimony of the massive landslide which occurred here.  

GC2WRQB Earthcache 1964 Alaska Earthquake: Government Hill Landslide
  A landform now transformed into a city park bears lasting testimony to the ground movement which occurred here during the 1964 Alaska Earthquake, destroying an entire elementary school in the process.  

GC859PC Earthcache 1964 Alaska Earthquake: L Street Slide Zone
  The earth shook for more than four minutes during the 1964 Alaska Earthquake, shifting 3 dozen city blocks west-northwest an average of 12 feet. As you complete this earthcache you'll see the landforms and terrain shifts which still bear witness to the massive land movements which occurred that day...  

GC4FJVC Earthcache 1964 Alaska Earthquake: Palmer Hay Flats Subsides
  Terrain subsidence and uplifting occurred across thousands of square miles during the 1964 Alaska Earthquake. The Palmer Hay Flats here once supported a healthy and thriving farming community, but that all changed in the aftermath of the Great Earthquake...  

GC1YF1G Earthcache A Geologic Story
  This is the sixth of 6 earthcaches highlighting the amazing landscape of Denali National Park and Preserve. Welcome to Denali Geo-Ventures, a set of virtual earthcaches that highlight the amazing landscape that is Denali National Park and Preserve. These activities are offered through the Murie Science and Learning Center, a consortium of partners working with the National Park Service to support research and education efforts in Alaska’s northern parks. This set of earthcaches was created by Alaska Geographic, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting people with our public lands.  

GC1EFD3 Earthcache AJ Falls
  AJ Falls is located in Mendenhall Valley, about 12 miles (19 km) from downtown Juneau in the southeast area of the U.S. state of Alaska.  

GC5D7JV Earthcache Alaska Sand Dunes
  Located along the Taylor Highway (Alaska 5) on the route to Dawson City.  

GC21QXG Unknown Cache Alaska’s Geology: An EarthCache Challenge
  This is the challenge cache requiring finds on 20 of the currently 75 earthcaches (as of May 31 2019) to be found across the vast landscape of Alaska.  

GC5D56X Earthcache Alaskan Valley View
  On the Parks Highway just west of Fairbanks.  

GC4C79N Earthcache Big Denali
  This is one of the toughest geocaches of any sort to claim a find on, and certainly the toughest earthcache to claim! The opportunity to make the observations needed here is reserved to those who climb North America's tallest peak - Denali!  

GC1V20D Earthcache Boggers
  Come experience an often-missed aspect of Homer's outdoor recreation opportunities here at a wildlife center nestled atop the ridge behind the seaside community...  

GC1CEJE Earthcache Bridal Veil Falls
  Bridal Veil Falls are located alongside the Richardson Highway in Keystone Canyon just outside of Valdez.  

GC18FEW Earthcache Castle Mountain Fault - Houston, Alaska
  This earthcache is unusual in that you'll walk up to the physical manifestation of what's perhaps the most dangerous geological threat to residents of Southcentral Alaska - and it'll look very benign. Yet, the physical evidence in front of you bears mute witness to the massive and powerful geologic forces at work just below your feet... Access is fairly simple from the Glenn Highway, but you'll be walking across a bit of undeveloped Alaskan terrain - it could be wet, frozen, dry or muddy - so dress for offroad conditions and expect to have to work in heavy tree cover.  

GC10DJK Earthcache Denali's Fault
  The Denali Fault produced a huge 7.9 earthquake on November 3, 2002. Thankfully most of the impact was across a huge swath of uninhabited wilderness, but nearly everyone in the state at the time actually felt the earth movement. Its impact in both geologic and economic terms was enormous - tearing glaciers in half, ripping mountainsides apart, and destroying sections of Alaska's highway system. This cache brings you to a portion of the fault where you can see evidence of the significant earth movement during the quake.  

GC1EHD2 Earthcache Dupont Trail Falls
  The falls are located 5.5 miles south of downtown Juneau at end of Thane Road, within the first 10 minutes from the trailhead.  

GC2A1MF Earthcache Eagle Bluff
  The Taylor Highway begins at Tetlin Junction on the Alaska Highway, 12 miles southeast of Tok, and ends at the historic town of Eagle, where this earthcache is located.  

GC12914 Earthcache Eagle River Thrust Fault - Turnagain Arm
  Exercise care parking along Turnagain Arm's busy roadway as you access this cache. You'll actually feel the texture left behind as a clue to earth movements in solid rock when you discover how a "slickensides" manifests itself here.  

GC7RFXB Earthcache Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier
  Holkham Bay is the entry to two arms of water: Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm. While Sawyer is at the end of Tracy Arm, Dawes Glacier is located at the end of Endicott Arm. These two glaciers are often the destination of Alaskan cruises. Since Tracy Arm is narrower, it often has ice jams that keep small tour boats from approaching Sawyer Arm. When this happens, the tour boats often change their destination to Dawes Glacier. A boat is needed to reach this site.  

GC2BB5H Earthcache Exit Glacier
  Exit Glacier is the only glacier readily accessible by road from the Seward area. It is part of the Kenai Fjords National Park.  
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