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ET Highway II (001-750) (shared, public)

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This lists represents the eastern portion (eastern 750) of the ET Highway Power Trail [caches 0001-E.T. through 0750-E.T.]

Note from the COs: Caches 942 through 1500 are on a DIRT ROAD with NO SERVICES. It is a loop that is approximately 60 miles round trip. It would be a good idea to fill up in Tonopah before attempting these caches. The road is WELL maintained and any rental car should do fine on it. Sides of road can be a little sandy so be careful.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC32R6W Traditional Cache (0326)-E.T.

GC2ZK7J Letterbox Hybrid 0001-E.T.

GC2ZKDF Traditional Cache 0002-E.T.

GC2ZKEX Traditional Cache 0003-E.T.

GC2ZKF4 Traditional Cache 0004-E.T.

GC2ZKFB Traditional Cache 0005-E.T.

GC2ZKFM Traditional Cache 0006-E.T.

GC2ZKFX Traditional Cache 0007-E.T.

GC2ZKFY Traditional Cache 0008-E.T.

GC2ZKG3 Traditional Cache 0009-E.T.

GC2ZKG6 Traditional Cache 0010-E.T.

GC30XFM Traditional Cache 0011-E.T.

GC30XG0 Traditional Cache 0012-E.T.

GC31G6Z Traditional Cache 0013-E.T.

GC31G6X Traditional Cache 0014-E.T.

GC31G6N Traditional Cache 0015-E.T.

GC31G61 Traditional Cache 0016-E.T.

GC31G60 Traditional Cache 0017-E.T.

GC31G6D Traditional Cache 0018-E.T.

GC31G5Z Traditional Cache 0019-E.T.
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