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Quality Caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Bonolo

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A list of caches that have provided me with great experiences. All of the caches on the list are caches I recommend.

I'm more of an adventure cacher. So I'm a sucker for remote caches. But there are several city caches on the list as well.

Thanks to all the cache hiders who have a cache on the list!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCZX3R Unknown Cache "Deep Cover" ( MacGyver Cache # 100 )
  Very fun puzzle to crack. I had to do some searching before I could solve it. The puzzle was so fun I added it to the Quality list.

Unfortunately, the cache is nothing to brag about. It is a film canister by a wasp nest. The final location was not special either.

GCREMT Unknown Cache 1000 Cache Finds Cache
  This cache is great! Well hidden. This was the first puzzle cache I figured out without coords. Figured out where it was by descriptions given by the owner and logs by other cachers.  

GC13789 Multi-cache 1928 Ross Avenue TB Hotel
  Great cache in the heart of Dallas, Texas. Nice to see a well build regular size cache.  

GC16HZ1 Traditional Cache 8250'
  8250 is a fun hike that does not have a trail. You are rewarded with amazing views and opportunities to view wildlife. Saw a few rabbits and birds on the way up. Also saw cougar, deer, and elk tracks.  

GC261AM Traditional Cache ALCATRAZ
  What a great time! It was a lot of fun doing this slot canyon. It has a lot of down climbing in a narrow slot. Please come prepared on this one. It is a true 5 star terrain.  

GC6CKVW Traditional Cache Apollo
  Great way to hide a cache. Fun find.  

GCKW20 Traditional Cache Are You Insane?
  A hiking cache in the Dallas area. A rare find. Rustiest ammo box I have seen.  

GC3VM71 Traditional Cache Bald Peak Cache
  This is a beautiful peak. Great scenery.  

GC13JAD Traditional Cache Bear Aware
  Great location and clever hide! Other than beautiful country there is no reason to be in this area. I love the cache for that very reason.

I had to do this one twice. Once I used my brain I found it right away. The cache is a plastic Tupperware container. It was well stocked. All around good cache!

GC1DE0W Traditional Cache Black Cache
  Fun hide and scenic location. The cache is located near the end of the trail. I loved the cache container and copied it for a cache I hid called Xumd's Juniper.  

GC93CB Traditional Cache Bow Knot Bend on the Green River
  Very scenic and beautiful cache. A must do!  

GC2DA5Q Traditional Cache Bowknot
  This is a pure back country cache. It is guaranteed to be an amazing adventure.  

GCHQMX Virtual Cache Bryce Canyon National Park- Inspiration Point
  Perhaps the most scenic view I have seen geocaching. It is used all the time for calendars and stuff. Amazing place!  

GCG71X Virtual Cache Cadillac Ranch
  Where else can you spray paint a famous art work. Really fun.  

GCHFFT Virtual Cache Canyoneering Cache -Pine Creek Canyon
  One of the best caches I have found! This is a must do if you are comfortable with heights, water, and rappelling.

This is a crowded slot. Expect a short wait to start it off. But because of the scenery I recommend this slot canyon.

GCHQGR Virtual Cache Canyonlands National Park- Mesa Arch
  Great view. Worth seeing.  

GC1EFTT Traditional Cache Circulate, Darling, Circulate!
  After finding this cache you can tell some time was put into this one. Clever! I wish there were more caches like this one!  

GCGEB6 Unknown Cache Clerical Error - No Trail Cache
  You have to love a long tough journey. If the cache was were it should have been I would have solved this puzzle without the coordinates.

But it was not. Found a lot of broken, ancient geojunk. But it was fun going after a cache not found in 6 years!

I updated the cache with a new container.

GCQNX0 Traditional Cache Cliff Island Cache
  Using a boat always makes for a memorable cache. I have been to Cliff Island several times. One of the most beautiful places I have been to. A fun rope swing. And of course a cache on its island.  

GCPW73 Traditional Cache Cliffhanger
  This one is a royal pain to find. But rewarding once you do. Took me about two hours to finally track it down due to poor GPS reception.  
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