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Yellowstone (shared, public)

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GCGFRQ Virtual Cache A Butte-iful Lake View
  When you get to the top of the overlook, you will find an informative sign. To log a find, you have two options:

1) Email me the answer to this question: according to the panorama, what are the two features visible at the extreme ends of the view?
2) Upload a picture of you or your geo team at this location (GPS must be in the photo- no old vacation photos please!)

A sign at the foot of the road warns that the road is unfit for RV's. There is little parking at the top, so use you best judgement in deciding if your vehicle is too big. Small trailers should have little problem, but larger ones will probably want to avoid the road. Once you get to the top, however, the lookout should be accessible to the handicapped and is very close to the car.

GCK3QT Traditional Cache ALONE but not Solitary

GCH9N4 Virtual Cache BeeHave!
  Be sure to behave on the boardwalks, the terrain is dangerous when you leave the paths. Get a picture with the Robert C. Reamer-designed building in the background, along with you and your GPS to score.


GCHW5Z Virtual Cache Cache Creek Of Yellowstone

GCGMMC Virtual Cache Canyon Colors
  This is a spot that we thought just needed to have a cache. To bag this cache just e-mail me the answers to 2 questions.
What does the water do to this spot and what 4 things does it do. Please e-mail me the answers and you may claim your cache. Its great for a kodak moment. Have a great trip.


GCH5F4 Virtual Cache Captive Tourists
  In order to claim this virtual cache, please answer the following questions obtained from the information board located at this site in Yellowstone National Park.
1. When the tourists were taken captive, give the name of the tourist who was killed (two were killed though the name of the other isn't listed).
2. What is the picture (or send a digital to me with your e-mail) of that is located on the right side (north side) of the information board?


GCXA3D Traditional Cache East Gate

GCJW5D Virtual Cache Go Ahead
  Mount Washburn is an old volcanic rim. Volcanism is a big part of Yellowstone. The real significance of this climb is the magnificent view that you get of this side of the park! It took my son and myself one hour exactly to get from the head of the trail at the end of Chittendon Road to the summit. We were moving. Even ate some snow. I had a micro container with me, but I know I'll never maintain this one and I don't want to leave any of my junk in the park! Obviously, a summer-only cache. To log, take a picture of yourself with your GPS next to the sign at the summit


GCW5T1 Traditional Cache Going to the Chapel

GCGG5M Virtual Cache Just Downstream
  Short walk on an almost level path. Be careful...Could be slippery when wet.

This is just down stream from another virtual cache. It should be of interest to geocachers because of what it is. If you've found it legally, claim it! Due to the nature of the spot and the fact that it is in Yellowstone, I am getting way too many loggers to reply to everyone. Thanks for caching and have fun!

Just an update...I have not viewed this cache in a long time but it always make me happy when I do. I am currently serving in Iraq and it makes me happy to know that Yellowstone still evokes so many emotions in so many people. I met my wife there and our kids and cat are named Hayden, Madison and Gallatin. Have fun and enjoy!

Additional Hints ( Decrypt ) Decryption Key
(letter above equals below,
and vice versa)

Vg znqr bs ebpx, ovttre guna n oernq obk naq fznyyre guna n ohyvqvat(hzz, fbegn!)


GCGFY2 Virtual Cache Midway Geyser Basin
  To get credit for this site, you need to go to the sign located near the coordinates and email me the name of the photographer who took the picture of the eruption pictured and the year in which it was photographed. Two part answer of photographer's name and eruption date.  

GCH5EM Virtual Cache Oceans bound
  This is a neat place as a beginning point for waters to either run towards the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans.

This is the first place that I came across Lilly pads. So beautiful in the Spring and early Summer. And the spectacular drive from either direction as well. The waters here are on the Continental Divide (the mountain range that divides river drainages), thus draining into two different river systems- to the Columbia (Pacific Ocean) or the Missouri River/Mississippi (Atlantic Ocean).

To log this virtual cache, please e-mail me the answers to the following questions:
1. What is the picture on the right facing side of the information board?
2. What is the name of the lake?


GC7E72 Virtual Cache Old Faithful Geyser
  When you arrive at N 44 27.568 / W 110 49.722 you will see two Round and Very Brown Objects.

To log this cache you must first e mail Yogi Bear...
Tell Yogi... WHAT ARE THOSE TWO OBJECTS you found??


GCGBXE Virtual Cache Old Photo #1
  For photographers... just snap a shot (you'll know 'what' when you get there) of you and your GPS at this site and you've scored! No internet finds please... you actually need to hike up there and get the shot. Enjoy!


GCGBXG Virtual Cache Old Photo #2
  For photographers... just snap a shot of the view below (be sure to get the lodge and the two most active geysers) from this site and you've scored! No internet finds please... you actually need to hike up there and get the shot. Enjoy!


GC68DC Virtual Cache one of many
  A great place to stop and enjoy the view. May see small animals and birds.

The coordinates direct you to a sign. There is nothing to take except pictures and memories. This is only one of many in the park. How many have you visited during your trip in Yellowstone? Send me an E-mail and tell me what the sign says. If anyone is interested in Bench Marks look beyond the sign towards the river in a large rock.

GCGBGM Virtual Cache Spectacular Yellowstone Falls
  To log this virtual cache, you must look for a brown sign on the overlook at the coordinates listed above. (You need to use your GPS to find the correct brown sign)

Write down the first word of the second line on the sign.

Here are some tips to help you locate the overlook and the correct brown sign:

To reach the overlook, you will not need to go down the 300+ stairs; please resist the temptation!

After passing the entrance to the stairs, continue to walk east along the main trail until you see the small trail going north to the overlook.

When you reach the coordinates listed above, write down the first word of line #2 - from the brown sign (this will be your secret password.)

Then, when you are back in front of a computer, click on the camera-icon located below this text. This will open a microsoft document requiring a password. Type the password in ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS and the document will tell you what to do to log your find! Good Luck!

GCJW3Z Virtual Cache The Stuff of Fairy Tales

GC85B7 Traditional Cache tiki's roadside stash - W Yellowstone

GC85B3 Virtual Cache Valley of Eden
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