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for tourists (shared, public)

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list will show you some of the berlin caches, which we recommended for berlin tourists - all caches are in short walking distance from public transportation systems, not farther from the center point of berlin away than 10 miles and you should find them predominantly speedily or if they are hidden very clever you must look a little bit closer...

bml is not ready yet and will be updated sporadically - if you have some enhancements or any updates let us now!

take care

btw: a lot of informations abaout caches in Berlin will you find here: (visit link) at this time only in german, uups

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC4W247 Event Cache "Rund um die Berolina" - Februar 2014 (12/13/2014)
  met the friendly guys, who build the mystery cache capitol of the world - location changed monthly, please check out for more informations!

PLEASE CHECK COORDS IN DESCRIPTION, not the starting coords!

we look forward to see you there...!

GC23C86 Multi-cache all - Fensterplatz
  take a seat in the s-bahn (line 41 or 42, circle line) and try to identify the pictures - one round needs approximately a little bit more than a can combine this one with "ringbahn"  

GC1P7F3 Multi-cache all - Ringbahn
  you cane combine this one with "fensterplatz" - take the circle line s41/s42...  

GC16R3Y Traditional Cache City - "Die Hochmeisterkirche"
  nice church - an easy walk & grab  

GC1XF4Z Traditional Cache City - Alexanderplatz
  a quick and clean grab in the city - near all public transportations  

GC35B6J Unknown Cache City - Auf der Spur des Fotografen #1
  if you have the "correct" view to the tower its an easy one ...  

GCY6W5 Traditional Cache City - Berlin Castle
  a very clever hide where you need a special tool  

GCNC5C Traditional Cache City - Berlin Sightseeing - Schloss Bellevue
  between Siegessäule und Schloss Bellevue - the security guys know about the cache...  

GC11J0P Traditional Cache City - Berliner Mauer (alt)
  a fast find on the old city-wall near alexander-platz  

GC57DD Virtual Cache City - Berlin's Second (but first virtual) Cache
  a smiley for a picture in log  

GC3N7KV Multi-cache City - Bloss weg hier!
  short 1leg projection multi  

GCKAFZ Multi-cache City - Brandenburger_Tor - only one leg to the final!
  pick him up on your way to reichstags building...  

GC15ZVC Multi-cache City - Caching Spree
  a very long hike along the river spree - plan without bikes approximately 5-6 hours of your day...  

GC13R4K Multi-cache City - Der Eiserne Gustav - Droschkenkutscher aus Berlin
  short 1-leg multi near nationalgalerie  

GC13XDQ Multi-cache City - Der Stern von Lützow
  short 1 stage multi across the 2nd home of our actual federal chancellor...  

GC295RG Traditional Cache City - Der Weinmeister
  very close to public transportation ...  

GC3PNX7 Traditional Cache city - Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus
  cool container at a high density muggle area...  

GCJED6 Traditional Cache City - Die Glocke
  This geocache is situated in the tower of a quiet famous building. This ist the place, where JFK gave his historical commitment "Ich bin ein Berliner".

Please remember, tower is closed in winter...!

You will awarded with a wonderful view over the roofs of berlin.

GC2G6T0 Multi-cache City - Die Schutzheilige
  short 2leg multi with under a kilometer to walk...  

GCRBZQ Traditional Cache City - Die vergessenen Beamten
  only a short walk from central station (Hauptbahnhof)  
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