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Edmonton's Greatest Hits (shared, public)

List Owner: UBC Geograd

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If you are visiting Edmonton, these are the ones that you need to check out. Good camo, creativity, cool spots... see for yourself.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCZQKX Traditional Cache Alley Art
  The original Alley Art took me quite a while to find. But when I did, I was very impressed.  

GC14NEP Traditional Cache Alley Art 3
  Don't distract the neighbours. Or wreck their fence. But be sure to check out the art.  

GC19RAZ Traditional Cache Alley Art, Spring flowers CARW2008
  Another Alley Art, placed for CARW2008. This one won "Best Hide" at the event. It's quite impressive!  

GC10KFG Traditional Cache Ample ________
  Look up. Wayyy up. Once you've safely crossed the lake.  

GC10Y6F Traditional Cache CARW2007 - SPNA - PBJ Tree
  Very fun... Hopefully it doesn't take you too long.  

GC19K2Q Traditional Cache Da da da da da da da....( CARW2008)

GC16ZXA Traditional Cache Log & Log
  Another cache that a lot of work went into. Very creative, and highly recommended.  

GC18GBB Traditional Cache Moving in on Team Vipers territory
  This one had my vote for "Best Hide" at CARW2008. Something here just doesn't look right.  

GC18Z1P Traditional Cache Nisku Lou - CARW2008
  One bizarre cache. It's great!  

GC12VFW Unknown Cache O Thank Heaven for Google Earth
  Google Earth will help you find the stopping place for this one. The rest is up to you.  

GC1E73H Traditional Cache Oma's cache
  Has to be one of the most interesting containers I've ever seen crafted.  

GC111DC Traditional Cache Pole Position
  Very creative... Easy to spot, surprising to open. Not exactly what you probably expect, either (based on the write-up and hint)  

GC1FX06 Traditional Cache Schools Out
  This is an interesting spot with a great view that any visitor to the city should stop and check out, especially if you're staying downtown. The cache itself is fairly run-of-the mill, but the location is awesome.  

GC15X98 Traditional Cache Snap
  The hint gives it away.... Try and figure out how to work "onomatopoeia" in your favour.  

GCWH0G Traditional Cache The Den of Wolf Willow
  Requires a bit of courage and a flashlight... Also known as "Spelunking in Suburbia"  

GCYZF0 Traditional Cache THE EARLY BIRD
  This one gave me a hearty chuckle!!!  

GC1Z6WN Traditional Cache The New Code of Life

GC19XFJ Traditional Cache The Tale of the One Legged Rum Hopper
  Read the story, then go and find the missing wooden leg.  

GCRWXN Traditional Cache Think Outside the Box
  The name speaks for itself: literally and figuratively.  

GC10BVE Unknown Cache UA The Cache Effect
  I like to consider myself well-read, but this one had me stumped.  
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