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- Great 100 Challenge - GC2BE29 (shared, public)

List Owner: Heplercache

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To complete this challenge you will need to create a special bookmark list of 100 geocaches you have found that fall within the following size, type, and distance requirements.

Divided by size the bookmark list of 100 caches should be...
25 Micros
25 Smalls
25 Regulars
25 Large, Other, or Not Listed

Divided by type the bookmark list should be...
25 Traditionals
25 Multi-caches
25 Unknown (Mystery)
25 Other ( Letterbox, Earthcache, Virtual, Webcam, etc )

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2BE29 Unknown Cache - Great 100 Challenge -
  The Challenge Cache!!!!!  

GC39FRV Multi-cache "Tee" Time with the Prince of Wales
  Multi - Small  

GC27YH6 Unknown Cache 10 Year Cache #2
  Unknown - Micro  

GC38NGR Unknown Cache 1000 Finds Challenge Cache
  Unknown - Small  

GC31BJE Letterbox Hybrid 11 o' Clock Cuisine Cat Run
  Other - Large, Other, or Not Listed  

GC31JTY Event Cache 1st International Geocaching Day-Harrisonburg, VA (08/20/2011)
  Other - Large, Other, or Not Listed  

GC4DCFW Traditional Cache 3 Way Cat

GC3VPY1 Traditional Cache 3120

GC3B13G Unknown Cache 918348

GC2R2AW Traditional Cache A Bug's Life - Spider
  Traditional - Regular  

GC2KBCB Event Cache A Pretty Good Year (12/31/2010)
  Other - Large, Other, or Not Listed  

GC41M0F Traditional Cache A Star is born

GC3BQ7Y Unknown Cache A Stroll Around Grounds
  Unknown - Regular  

GC3JP2W Traditional Cache A Stroll in the Stream

GC2EANA Traditional Cache A Traveler's Tokens

GC4DFEJ Traditional Cache A Vicious Bear

GCMD1K Multi-cache Afton Mountain Multi
  Multi - Small  

GC2X6BF Traditional Cache Alongside the Highway #3
  Other - Large, Other, or Not Listed  

GC36EGW Traditional Cache An odd scenic overlook

GC3TQC8 Traditional Cache Aqua Roman Cache I
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