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FuzzWuzz' & 3ScoutMomNJ's "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Challenge" (shared, public)

List Owner: FuzzWuzz

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Many years ago a local rock station would play a set of songs that followed that old saying you hear on wedding days. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. The music set would consisted of an old song, a new song, a cover song and a blues song; this concept applies to this geocache challenge.

To complete the challenge find four (4) qualifying caches in one day
- An old cache: The cache was hidden over 10 years ago.
- A new cache: The cache was have been published in the last week (7 days)
- A "borrowed" cache: A cache that has been adopted and maintained by another player.
- A Blue cache: The word "blue" must be in the title or cache name.

3ScoutMomNJ and I ("FuzzWuzz") added a little twist: we did only caches owned by this challenge's CO (ekitt10/nikcap).

All caches were found by 3ScoutMomNJ and FuzzWuzz on Thursday, 04 July 2013.

Results per page:

X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1503 Traditional Cache Allaire Electric
  This is our "Borrowed" cache, originally done by KNR and subsequently adopted by Ekitt10.  

GC74C5 Multi-cache Jamesburg - Fill in the Blanks
  This is our "Old" cache. The rules state the cache must be at least 10 years old from the "published" date (not "hidden" date); there no longer appears to be a "published" log, however there IS a "found" log dating back to 7/28/2002.  

GCXXT2 Unknown Cache John Doe
  This is our "New" cache, having been published only 1-day prior to us finding it!  

GC444AZ Unknown Cache Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Challenge
  The "goal", the "prize", the "Big Kahuna"!  

GC1YM1N Unknown Cache Scary Blue Question Mark: Basic Training
  This is our "Blue" cache (, obvious reasons )  
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