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Bad Axx Geocaches (shared, public)

List Owner: GPS_Cache_Hounds

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GC1KFAD Multi-cache 3 Degrees: BLACKOUT
  Infamous urban exploring cache by the sniper crew in Oxford, MS. I have began, but have yet to finish the challenge. It used to be listed on the Extreme geocaching site when that still existed. Reminiscent of the tube torcher caches for those in the know. I hope to finish it in the future.  

GC39J9P Unknown Cache 4 Star Challenge Cache
  If you finish this challenge, you are definitely Bad Axx in my opinion. A different kind of numbers game.  

GC1B509 Traditional Cache Adventure Awaits: At the Pinnacle
  A new trail leads here now, but a crazy narrow 4WD mountain road was our path to the cache. We had to call 911 on our adventure here. 'nuff said.  

GC2AB3T Traditional Cache Adventure Awaits: Bumpus Cove
  One of those remote locations in TN that only DMflyer would be able to find. Located in a small abandoned mine in an isolated location. Watch "My Bloody Valentine" before hunting for a little added excitement.  

GC1HM23 Traditional Cache Bear Rock
  Requires a short hike and then crawling down into a 7 or 8 feet deep crevasse on a huge rock outcropping. The crevasse itself contains fissures that lead all the way to the forest floor below.  

GC2E3PH Traditional Cache Blame It On Fargnot
  This is another remote kayaking swamp cache put out by the devilish swamp rat, Chimps8mybaby. We saw lots of water snakes when I went for this one in the late summer.  

GC2W2WD Traditional Cache BMP Bays Ridge Trail
  A long hike. We took the route suggested by the CO, which was an almost 10 mile hike round trip. My wife and daughter still refer to this as the GPS_Cache_Hound's Baton Death March.  

GC24300 Traditional Cache Burney Branch Knickpoint
  A short trip, but you find yourself in a precarious situation at the final. At one point in time, a note was placed on the cache page complaining that the cache had been moved to an unreachable, dangerous location. It had not been misplaced from its PROPER unreachable, dangerous hiding place.  

GC1NKP0 Traditional Cache Chief Benge Rock
  Requires true rock climbing with a significant drop in a secluded area.  

GC2EQ2H Unknown Cache Depths of Sheol: Graveside
  This is just an awesome cache at every turn set-up by the master of Oxford, MS urban exploring, Sniperchicken. This cache is the definition of Bad Axx.  

GC1BVZ2 Unknown Cache Echolocation
  Awesome web-based puzzle and a final location that requires hiking and some unique climbing. Unfortunately, it can't be discussed too much without giving away the final. Very unique cache.  

GCC5CD Traditional Cache End of the Road
  Fairly long hike on a completely overgrown abandoned road through the Florida Key's hammock to a swift flowing ocean channel. It is beautiful, but has a definite zombie apocalypse vibe.  

GC21XAC Traditional Cache Geo MoJo # 14 // National Treasure
  We didn't actually find the cache on this one, but I think it is Bad Axx just to give it a try. We decided to walk into the tunnel, which was all fun until someone decided to come through in an old 4WD. The tunnel is extremely narrow, muddy, and water filled. As the 4WD fish-tailed past us with everyone kissing the wall, I called the hunt off to keep someone from getting hurt. If I ever get back in the area, preferably during the week when fewer people are driving through, I would like to give it another try.  

GCEE09 Traditional Cache Gilligans' Last Ride
  Requires hiking onto an abandoned island off the Florida Keys by using a dilapidated old bridge.  

GC2AFW4 Unknown Cache Little Spring Creek
  A baffling puzzle until you hit on the right information followed by an UPSTREAM paddle in swift current to the final.  

GC2Q54G Unknown Cache Loup Garou
  A night cache, and one of my favorites. I have done it multiple times, and intend to go again if I get the chance. Check out the very B-Rate local movie (visit link) , if you ever get the chance. It definitely adds to the silly side of the fun.  

GC237VH Earthcache Morrell Cave
  A Bad Axx earthcache? I think so. This earth cache requires exploring in a non-tourist cave. In other words, no developed pathways, no lights except what you bring with you, and in our case, no tour guide.  

GC2G9DC Unknown Cache Opa's Sudoku Cache
  Awesome set of puzzle caches that take you through the backwoods of Lafayette County, MS. It is also a very touching tribute.  

GC23FN8 Traditional Cache Ring the Bell: 1 Mile Mark
  A steep hike that is essentially bushwhacking up the side of a mountain for the last 3/4 mile to the cache.  

GC2DZ8N Traditional Cache Round Knob - Glory Days
  An extremely steep (almost 700 ft elevation change in 2 miles) hike to an ammo can in the woods.  
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