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Geocaches in Malaysia 0001-1000 (shared, public)

List Owner: Barnyard Dawg

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This list contains the first 1000 geocaches in Malaysia, published between 23/04/2001 and 02/07/2018.

It aims to serve as a reminder of the cache-drought experienced by geocachers during the early years of geocaching in Malaysia, and is testament to the resolve and endurance of pioneer geocachers who, despite the odds and many challenges, have kept geocaching going throughout the years. To all, a well-meant thank you!

Looking forward to the next 1000 geocaches in Malaysia (visit link)

• Traditional Caches: 742. • Event Caches: 104 (5 CITO). • Earth-Caches: 82. • Mystery Caches: 38. • Multi-Caches: 29. • Virtual Caches: 3 • Virtual Caches (Rewards 1.0): 1. • Letterbox Hybrids: 1. • Wherigos: 1. • Other: 0.


Last update: June, 2018.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC71XH5 Traditional Cache "Ipoh The Tin City" Lives On

GC5CJFJ Unknown Cache 10th Scout Law

GC422TZ Event Cache 12-12-12 PJ GeoCaching Dinner (12/12/2012)

GC38XV7 Unknown Cache 1421, Bonus Treasure of Bookseller

GC5A029 Traditional Cache 1st Scout Law

GC40Z74 Event Cache 2. Kuala Lumpur Caching Lunch (01/06/2013)

GC6PGQG Event Cache 2016 International Geocaching Day (08/20/2016)

GC6BVQZ Traditional Cache 2016 Leap Day Cache

GC69C6P Event Cache 2016 Leap Day Event - Kuala Lumpur (02/29/2016)

GC786VN Event Cache 2017 International Geocaching Day (08/19/2017)

GC6WMHX Event Cache 2017 New Year's Day I, II, III (Multi-event) (01/01/2017)
  Malaysia's 1st Multi-Event  

GC6Y6AE Event Cache 2017 New Year's Day IV (01/01/2017)

GC7RBCM Event Cache 2018 International Geocaching Day (08/18/2018)

GC5A02A Traditional Cache 2nd Scout Law

GC13DQH Traditional Cache 3rd cache in Johor

GCRF3F Event Cache 3rd Penang Malsingmaps forum members gathering (12/10/2005)
  Malaysia's 1st Event Cache.  

GC5AK9Y Unknown Cache 3rd Scout Law

GCXN67 Event Cache 4th Malsingmaps Members GG (08/26/2006)

GC5AJ90 Unknown Cache 4th Scout Law

GC5B228 Traditional Cache 5th Scout Law
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