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Favorite Puzzles (shared)

List Owner: Rogue Ramblers

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An Ultimate Puzzler's (see GCJKJZ) list of favorite puzzles

With the advent of Favorite points this list is no longer being maintained.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC11QNE Unknown Cache A Myth Re-encoded
  This is hands-down the most elegant puzzle of this type I've seen. All I can say is, "Amazing!"  

  Venona challenges are always fun. This conclusion to 2009 was particularly enjoyable because it is well constructed and was so much fun to work on.  

GC19PP9 Unknown Cache An Odd Little Practice
  It took me a long time to see my way through this one, but it was worth it as each stage is well constructed and I enjoyed the presentation.  

GC1FYBN Unknown Cache AN12: WoW's Book of Secrets
  This puzzle was fun on several levels -- as could be expected from WoW it is very well constructed, it took me to places I had wanted to visit for a long time, and it was a fun group adventure.  

GCK1CC Unknown Cache ANX: The Angle of Eternity
  What can I say? Every bay area puzzler should definitely experience this work of art, and every non-puzzler should find a puzzler to go with. Wow!  

GCEA6B Unknown Cache Are We Dizzy Yet?
  Not only was this a nice puzzle, this is one of my favorite in-theme locations.  

GCG004 Unknown Cache Beneath, Between, & Behind
  A very clever puzzle that lead me to try something that I thought there was no way it would work. But it does!  

GC110RC Unknown Cache C70
  Once again the Rat gives us not just an interesting, educational puzzle, but one that is elegantly crafted as well. The extra effort to add a last "Aha!" moment definitely adds to the fun.  

GCVXZ8 Unknown Cache Caching in a Parallel Universe
  This creative and unique puzzle introduced me to a whole new world.  

GC19BPZ Unknown Cache Café Babe
  This puzzle has "class" written all over it.  

GC250G9 Unknown Cache Catch-22
  This clever puzzle was fun to work on, and the location was pleasant as well.  

GCN03D Unknown Cache Cause Fizzy Likes 'em
  This is a challenging puzzle with three very different stages, one of which taught me much more than I needed to know. But the best part of all is the final location.  

GC28P0Z Unknown Cache Circuit Theory #3: MT9072
  This puzzle was fun to work on and it taught me something new, elements that contribute to making it one of my favorites.  

GC1JP53 Unknown Cache Conspiracy Theory
  This puzzle introduced me to a fascinating technology that I previously knew nothing about. Now I wonder why the technique exists at all.  

GCGQ42 Unknown Cache Counterparts
  One of the best ever, this adventure really drew me in. For awhile I felt as though I really was a part of this mission.  

GCG2E5 Unknown Cache crabbels CASE
  I enjoy puzzles that lead me in a direction that doesn't make sense for awhile, but eventually come together in the end.  

GCCBED Unknown Cache Cross Words
  A simple, but elegant puzzle that really put a smile on my face.  

GCN9BX Unknown Cache do you like my cache?
  I don't know of any cache that has a better final location, though the humor in it may not be immediately obvious.  

GCA8B3 Unknown Cache Double Agent
  I had double the fun with this well-constructed puzzle.  

GCJ1MK Unknown Cache Entre Nous
  This elegant puzzle leads to a truly excellent and unique hide. Tres bon!  
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