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Trail of the Gods Part 2 - Letters J to Z (shared, public)

List Owner: CKayaks

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Just a few caches along this power caching trail that runs across the Mojave Desert

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC24RA8 Traditional Cache Jacawitz
  mountain god of the Postclassic K'iche' Maya  

GC24QJP Traditional Cache Janus
  God of Coming in and Going out  

GC24RP5 Traditional Cache Jarilo
  God of Vegetation, Fertility and Spring  

GC24RFM Traditional Cache Jizo
  Japanese Buddha of Great Compassion  

GC24RFN Traditional Cache Juichimen
  Buddhist God of Mercy  

GC24QJR Traditional Cache Juno
  Goddess of Women  

GC24QJW Traditional Cache Jupiter
  God of Sky and Light  

GC24RFR Traditional Cache Jurojin
  Shinto God of Longevity and a happy old age  

GC24M56 Traditional Cache Justitia
  Goddess of Justice  

GC24QW0 Traditional Cache Juturna
  Goddess of fountains, wells and springs  

GC24QT9 Traditional Cache Juventas
  God of Young Men  

GC24RFY Traditional Cache Kagutsuchi
  God of Fire  

GC24QDP Traditional Cache Kalaipahoa
  Goddess who harms trees  

GC24QEA Traditional Cache Kaluannuunohonionio
  A God of a Temple's sacrificial house  

GC24RG2 Traditional Cache Kamado-Gami
  Gods of the Hearth  

GC24QD5 Traditional Cache Kamapua'a
  The Hog God  

GC24RG5 Traditional Cache Kami-Kaze
  God of Wind, Storms and Vicious Cold Weather  

GC24RG8 Traditional Cache Kaminari
  Goddess of Thunder  

GC24QF8 Traditional Cache Kamohoali'i
  Keeper of the Water of Life  

GC24QFR Traditional Cache Kamooalii
  King Moho, the God of Steam  
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