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Truckstop caches (shared, public)

List Owner: Banditgirl

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Caches waarbij je makkelijk kunt parkeren met een vrachtwagen of ander groot vervoersmiddel.
Weet je meer caches? Mail mij de GC-code en ik zet ze er bij.

Caches where it's easy to park with a truck or a big vehicle.
Do you know more caches? Mail me the GC-codes and I'll place them in the list.

For caches close to the hightway see: (visit link)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1VXVX Traditional Cache A31 "porte de France " Luxembourg - Metz

GCYCXK Traditional Cache East Midlands Airport Travel Bug Hotel
  England M1  

GC1F5Y2 Traditional Cache PaC A 7 Nord Süd Hasenäcker

GCEDAF Traditional Cache "A3-NL-Caravaning" by Pawn2King
  Germany, A3
Direction N->S

GC1762H Traditional Cache "Mach mal Pause" A3 Parkplatz Weilbach Süd
  Germany, A3
Direction N->S

GC18RVQ Traditional Cache "Mother´s Day" (Muttatach) Rasthof Göttingen West
  Germany, A7
Direction N->S

GC7E74 Traditional Cache "Stop Place Cache"
  France, A75
Direction S->N

GC242MC Traditional Cache *MZLE2010* Verzorgingsplaats Jutphaas

GC280ET Traditional Cache A14 oder der Rastplatz Birkenwald...

GC1YZMB Traditional Cache ...Moin Moin in Hamburg

GC1A8HR Traditional Cache [A2] Rastplatz Varrelheide Süd

GC1VHJN Traditional Cache [A3] Hohe Heide [A3]

GC488YH Traditional Cache [GiE13] Tut-Tuut!

GC1HGDE Multi-cache [OFZE] Kijk op de Houtribsluizen
  Alleen in de richting Lelystad -> Enkhuizen te doen.  

GC184N5 Traditional Cache 04: Autostop. A51-Aire de Volx-Manosque
  France, A51  

GC184N7 Traditional Cache 04: Autostop. A51-Belvédère de Peyruis, les Mées
  France, A51
Direction N->S

GCV7D9 Traditional Cache 10 Jahre
  Germany, A7
Direction S->N

GC19H83 Traditional Cache 13: Autostop - A51: Signal des Alpes.
  France, A51
Direction S->N

GC20P79 Traditional Cache 9.11.1989

GCV3EV Traditional Cache A 14 - Go West
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