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Interesting Hiding methods (shared)

List Owner: workerofwood

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There are more ways to hide a cache than to just toss it under a bush. I'm making this list for new caches to get ideas on their first hides...

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCWCC2 Multi-cache A Highly Repulsive cache
  Well, I can't describe it, you'll just have to go out and see it. Only one of it's type I've seen in 4000 finds, and how often can you say that?  

GCNGBT Traditional Cache Around Ten Birds
  This is a really elegant and solid cache placement. Nicely engineered.  

GCV1PV Traditional Cache Blue iis Grand 3
  This was a good use of a found object.  

GC1XV43 Traditional Cache Cache Machine
  You know, after almost 6K finds you think you've seen it all...
Simple concept that works well.

GC27MJB Traditional Cache Calabazas Creek Bridge
  I've seen a lot hidden this way, sort of, but this one put it all together in a good way. I had it in hand several times and rejected it each time.  

GCN45Z Traditional Cache Dam Hicks! (Nazgul Secret Trailhead #2)
  This one should be mandatory to anyone hiding their first cache. It has a clever twist and is a little evil, very well designed.  

GCWPEN Traditional Cache Let’s Go Surfing
  Nice variation on a common hide. (Only works with property owner permission).  

GCYFN4 Traditional Cache No Right Turn
  Ok, so it's not original in the strictest sense, but it's just so BIG!  

GCGZY3 Traditional Cache Salty Cache
  A variation on a hide I have seen many times with an interesting twist. Don't forget to bring the cache page!  

GCMY6E Traditional Cache Saratoga Creek Overlook #1
  This is a variation on a common method. It's sturdy and could stump you if you don't look closely.  

GC12EZ7 Traditional Cache Shocking
  Such a simple elegant hide, wish I'd thought of that!  

GCN28B Traditional Cache The Commens
  I've seen something like this before, but this one was simple and a very bold placement.  
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