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2008 Cache Superlatives Winner! (shared, public)

List Owner: brunz_backpack

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Winner of the 2008 Rock the Block Geocache Superlatives!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC14BD7 Traditional Cache Blygoat's Wonder of the Pacific
  Winner of Best Dressed Cache 2008!  

GC18RDH Traditional Cache Chocolate House
  Winner of Most Shy Cache 2008!  

GC19NB4 Traditional Cache Dude with a Fish
  Winner of Biggest Mouth Cache 2008!  

  Unanimous Winner of 2008 Most Likely to get you Arrested Cache!  

GC1BMTJ Traditional Cache Gone Fishing!
  Winner of the Biggest Flirt 2008!  

GC1DFN3 Traditional Cache Jan-Ken-Pon
  Winner of Most Unique Cache 2008!  

GC1AGV1 Traditional Cache Legend of the Falls
  Double Winner! Winner of Most Athletic Cache and Most Likely to get you Dirty 2008!  

GC1EJ0G Traditional Cache Libugon
  Winner of Most Likely to Be Guarded by Mosquitoes 2008!  

GC1CNGC Unknown Cache Little Miss Muffet
  Winner of Most Likely to be Mistaken for Something Living 2008!  

GC1ACWT Traditional Cache lle Bo caT Stones
  Winner of Most Likely to be Found with Food Cache 2008!  

GC1EH19 Traditional Cache MASTERMIND
  Winner of Most Creative Cache 2008!  

GC16DAR Traditional Cache Micro Mall Micro
  Winner of Most Stealthy Cache 2008!  

GC1ETNK Traditional Cache Mission: Impossible
  Winner of Most Entertaining Cache 2008!  

GC1EY7G Unknown Cache Pinocchio's Predicament
  Unanimous Winner of Most Likely to Give you a Headache 2008!  

GC18BQR Traditional Cache Pirate's Landing
  Winner of Most Likely to be Spotted from Outer Space 2008!  

GC1BXG6 Unknown Cache Should I stay or should I go now!!
  Winner of Most Confused Cache 2008!  

GC1531K Traditional Cache Single's Trail End
  Winner of Most Photogenic Cache 2008!  

GCGA4P Traditional Cache Tenjo's Signature Nook
  Winner of Most Likely to Encourage Blood Donation 2008!  

GC1D3Z3 Traditional Cache When a House Ain't Necessarily a Home!
  Winner of Class Clown 2008!  

GC1BW1K Traditional Cache Where's the Fire?
  Winner of Most Likely to be Overlooked Cache 2008!  
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