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-TPS- Favorite Caches (shared)

List Owner: The Petoskey Stones

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCMYBK Traditional Cache Aaahchoo
  Great camo!  

GCJBXK Traditional Cache Assume Nothing #1
  From a master of camo, workerofwood.  

GCKNE4 Unknown Cache Assume Nothing #4- Black Book
  Beautifully impelemented from beginning to end. A great puzzle and first rate camo.  

GCMDN5 Multi-cache Assume Nothing #7: WoW's 45th Birthday Micro-Multi
  Another fun educational experience, true to his "Assume Nothing" series, from workerofwood. While the prospect of this one is certainly daunting, the payoff is well worth the effort.  

GCJT6R Traditional Cache Boulter
  Another good example of why cachers should leave their assumptions at home. A great camo job.

GCMXFT Traditional Cache Calabazas Park
  Masterful camo! Extra stealth required.  

GCM7TB Traditional Cache Ceara Cache!
  A puzzle cache you can give your kids to solve! A great introduction to puzzle caches. Simple and straightforward. Excellent!  

GCJ51F Unknown Cache Champions
  This is a great cache. Location, implementation, historical aspects, and the fact that you solve the puzzle as you go, all make this a top notch cache. [Michigan]  

GCNHFG Multi-cache Cowtown
  A fun multi-cache that illustrates how limitless the possibilites are. Inspiring.  

GCN45Z Traditional Cache Dam Hicks! (Nazgul Secret Trailhead #2)
  An excellent twist on an old hide technique. Very creative!  

GCMWY3 Traditional Cache Got the Hotts for Olives
  Pure evil camo from Marky & Joani.  

GCF969 Traditional Cache Less is Moore
  I REALLY liked this one. Terrific camo, again by Marky & Joani.  

GCH7K1 Multi-cache Missing Limb
  A unique multi-cache that incorporates some odd-but-interesting historical information. After finding this cache, I was inspried to do 'further research' just becacuse it was interesting. That in itself is an accomplishment! But overall this is a very well done multi-cache that serves as a good example of how good planning on the part of the cache owner can make the overall experience very memorable for those who seek it.  

GCM01W Traditional Cache More Power to You
  Creative. Hidden-in-plain-sight camo. This is another reminder that caching does not have to be film-cans-under-rocks.  

GCJRW9 Traditional Cache Nail Behind Oakland
  Another great camo job by Marky & Joani.  

GCP4JR Unknown Cache Nefertiti's Pyramid
  This puzzle is the finale of a great little series of caches created by GeoWomyn_SF_CA. The caches are all in Gant Regional Park on the outskirts of Union City, CA. Thumbs-up for the whole series!

GCJ70M Traditional Cache Not Basketball? Midnight!
  Yet another top quality camo job from Marky and Joani. This one is REALLY nice!  

GCG2GF Traditional Cache Pfeiffer Stone House
  This is a unique cache that stands as a great example of a beautifully implemented cache.  

GCKRZT Traditional Cache Secret walkway #7 - The Ivy Cache
  A great cache that seems to defy the laws of physics! This one truly falls into the "Assume Nothing" catagory of caches. Marky and Joani deliver again!  

GCKRZY Multi-cache Stroll into the Past
  Another great example of how to put together a fun multi-cache. Another winner from the expert team of Marky & Joani.  
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