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A selection of UK Challenge caches (shared, public)

List Owner: BaSHful

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This list includes those that I've set, those that I've completed and those that I'm thinking about, though I suspect there will always be more challenges around than I have the time or ability to get! See also my Challenge Caches web page (visit link)

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC78XBR Unknown Cache 7 in 7 International Challenge

GC85ZYG Unknown Cache "Doris Does Dallas" Challenge Cache

GC44XXZ Unknown Cache "Eventually four you" Challenge Cache
  Attend at least four different regional caching meets.  

GC4DVB4 Unknown Cache "Geostreaker" Challenge Cache
  A 15 day streak including, on different days, a Church Micro, an Unknown, a Challenge, a Multi, a Whereigo, a Virtual, an Earthcache, a Traditional and a Letterbox cache.  

GC7A06A Unknown Cache "Half way there" Challenge Cache

GC514FT Unknown Cache "It's all about the numbers" Challenge cache.
  Either find 500 caches in a month or find 100 caches in a day twice in the same month.  

GC46Y9D Unknown Cache "Life begins at Forty" Challenge
  You need to have previously found a minimum of 40 caches in one day.  

GC53GPC Unknown Cache "Mega Rare" Challenge Cache
  Find 2 terrain 5.0 caches in a single day, excluding 5.0/5.0 caches.  

GC4Z046 Unknown Cache "Red 5" Challenge Cache
  Find 5 caches on the grid in every day of at least one Month.  

GC79YKD Unknown Cache "The house of Summer" Challenge Cache

GC79YMG Unknown Cache "Virtually 100" Challenge cache

GC5NFW1 Unknown Cache & BBH Geocachers Challenge and TB destination

GC83P7M Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - CITOs

GC83PA5 Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Earthcaches

GC83P9Z Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Events

GC83PHV Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Favourites

GC83PJY Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Large

GC83PBF Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Letterboxes

GC83PAF Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Longest Streak

GC825GC Unknown Cache 🌶 🏠 OOM Challenge - Megas
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