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Swedish Earthcaches (shared, public)

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Sweden is a country with an interesting geological past and many unusual elements have been found here by scientists in the 1800's. Enjoy the nature and learn about the geology of Sweden at the same time. Remember to leave the areas that you visit as you find them - or cleaner!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC259MH Earthcache A question of quartz -Carolus Linnaeus magic runes

GC2JYRR Earthcache Abisko Canyon

GC2TDPF Earthcache Äleklinta Earthcache

GC24XQQ Earthcache Alvaret

GC1H853 Earthcache Amtjärnsbrottet

GC2TMTA Earthcache Andrarum, 1 cm represents 2000 years

GC2HNKX Earthcache Åsgrav

GC2CEK5 Earthcache Augen gneiss

GC24VFE Earthcache Backwards flowing river

GC1X35T Earthcache Blå Jungfrun

GC2P54G Earthcache Bråvikens förkastningsbrant

GC1QC14 Earthcache Brommö Giants kettles

GC2YCJH Earthcache Bua Beach Kettles

GCQV7M Earthcache Byrums raukar

GC28AB9 Earthcache Diabase Earthcache

GC21VNP Earthcache Dödisgrop vid Pålamalm

GC27DX4 Earthcache Dödisgrop: Jättens handfat

GC25FJF Earthcache Dragsåsen Earthcache

GC29FPW Earthcache Druim

GC1JZ87 Earthcache Dumme mosse
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