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UK & Irish Geographical Extremes (shared, public)

List Owner: Simply Paul

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There's something to be said for caching at the UK and Ireland's extreme points. They're often so far off the beaten track that it feels like you've left the UK or Ireland behind... This is my first attempt at a bookmark list, inspired by the discovery I own both the UK's (and Scotland's) most westerly caches (mainland AND island?!), and England's most westerly too -pure accident!

I've not included the UK or Ireland's lowest caches, as I can't find reliable data for them, but I have included the most north/south/east/west and highest caches in each of the four countries of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for those who don't know) plus Ireland as they're all reasonably easy to identify- If you can spot any mistakes, please let me know!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1AH9H Traditional Cache Malin Head Irelands northern most cache
  The clue is in the name :)  

GCKBP5 Traditional Cache All Along The Watchtowers
  NI's most southerly cache, it seems (if you see any mistakes in my listing, please let me know!)  

GC1DHXW Unknown Cache Attributes
  **Past holder** 'Might be' Wales' most northern 'mainland' (not Anglesey) cache. That's the problem with puzzles I've not done!  

GC7065N Event Cache Britain's Eleventh Most Remote Event (Dunnet Head) (06/10/2017)
  June 10th 2017 - Mainland Britain's most northerly cache/event?  

GC1WD50 Event Cache Britain's Fourth Most Remote Event Cache (Jersey) (06/13/2010)
  **Past holder** Formerly Britain's most southerly cache/event  

GCG6XD Traditional Cache Britain's highest Geocache
  As per the name, the UK's, Britain's and Scotland's highest cache. 4,406ish feet above MSL.  

GCR7FD Event Cache Britain's Most Remote Event Cache (St. Kilda) (06/22/2007)
  **Past holder** Once the UK's most western cache- my St Kilda event.  

GC15P3P Event Cache Britain's Second Most Remote Event (St Agnes) (06/21/2008)
  **Past holder** Once the UK's most southern cache- my St Agnes event.  

GC3RJPA Event Cache Britain's Seventh Most Remote Event (InPinn, Skye) (06/19/2013)
  Included because it's at the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye - the only Munro (Scottish mountains over 3000ft) you can't simply walk to the top of. This one needs ropes!  

GC3B67K Event Cache Britain's Sixth Most Remote Event (Bryher) (06/22/2012)
  One-time holder of England's most westerly cache I think. A beautiful spot well-worth a visit.  

GC691TH Event Cache Britain's Tenth Most Remote Event (St Martins IoS) (07/17/2016)
  Most northerly cache/event of the Isles of Scilly... (Lovely area, well worth a visit)  

GC19G7E Event Cache Britain's Third Most Remote Event Cache (Unst) (06/25/2009)
  The UK and Britain's most northerly cache/event, held on Unst in the Shetlands in June 2009  

GC1465T Traditional Cache Burr Point
  **Past holder** NI's most easterly point  

GCG0P7 Traditional Cache Can you here me mother
  Formerly the UK's (Britain's, Scotland's) most northerly cache- still well worth a visit... especially as it seems to be Scotland's most easterly (or least westerly, if you prefer) cache! At least, it was for a while. It's lost this title to Skerries Flyer.  

GCNRZJ Traditional Cache Cape View
  Update - now Formerly: "Mainland England's most Westerly cache (just!)?"  

GC18X8Y Letterbox Hybrid Capt'n Simply's Pirate Booty
  Britain's most southerly physical cache, set by myself on June 20th 2010.  

GCZZG4 Multi-cache Carraig Dá Bheola
  Looks to be the Republic of Ireland's most easterly cache... and still waiting for a FTF! (as of 23rd July 08)  

GCP50P Traditional Cache Coastguards Hut
  NI's most northerly cache, I believe, hidden on Rathlin Island  

GC1DXY4 Traditional Cache Come watch the Seagulls feed
  Seems to be Northern Ireland's most northern cache (Mainland, anyway- There's a few on Rathlin Island)  

GCJ39P Traditional Cache Corran Tuathail (Ireland's Highest Cache)
  Ireland's highest cache.  
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