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Kitey's Challenge Caches Found (shared, public)

List Owner: Kitey

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A list of all Challenge Caches that I have Completed

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC2XKH1 Unknown Cache 33 Days and more! (Challenge Cache)
  Caching Streak of 33 Days  

  Find 37 caches beginning with A-Z, 0-9 and 10.  

GC34TTC Unknown Cache " GEOCACHE " City Challenge
  Spell "GEOCACHE" using City names in which caches found.  

GC44XXZ Unknown Cache "Eventually four you" Challenge Cache
  Attend at least four different REGULAR regional caching meets  

GC3D5KN Unknown Cache "Park" In the Name Challenge
  At least 10 Caches found with the word "Park" in the Cache name  

GC5D29V Unknown Cache "Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel." Challenge
  Find 26 caches without any Vowels in the cache name  

GC285GJ Unknown Cache #300 - Theresa the Geomobile Challenge
  Distance to Finds Table
Sum of [Distance x Number of Finds (for that distance]
must be greater than 250,000 miles.

GC78NTV Unknown Cache *Sterreke's* 1300 mystery's Challenge

GC4J243 Unknown Cache ? Sereis - 2) F. sylvatica Challange
  Find 5 caches hidden in trees above ground level.  

GC4HCVF Unknown Cache ? Series - 7) The Streaming Stream Challenge
  Find 5 Caches located near water.  

GC4T41D Unknown Cache ?????? - 500 Unknowns Challenge
  Find 500 Unknown/Puzzle caches AND Solve the Puzzle!  

GC5F62B Unknown Cache [Fab03]-14jrs-Challenge Consécutif - Silver
  Caching Streak of 14 Days  

GC5DG34 Unknown Cache [Fab03]-7jrs-Challenge Consécutif - Bronze
  Caching Streak of 7 Days  

GC1YA6G Unknown Cache ‘Mishde‘s 21st Century Challenge’
  Caches Found by Date Placed 2002-2008 Bonus  

GC47EK7 Unknown Cache 1 well rounded cacher challenge

GC2C7TR Unknown Cache 1,000 Finds Challenge
  1000 Finds Total  

GC5K94P Unknown Cache 1. Cellular Mutation Challenge Cache
  10 finds or more in at least 50 cells on the D/T Grid  

GC2PQMM Unknown Cache 1.0 Terrain Challenge
  D/T Grid - Terrain 1.0 Column Complete  

GC2PQN1 Unknown Cache 1.5 Terrain Challenge
  D/T Grid - Terrain 1.5 Column Complete  

GC4N4BF Unknown Cache 10 Challenges in a Day Challenge
  Find 10 or more Challenge caches in a day  
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