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First To Finds! (shared, public)

List Owner: GeoPierce

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List of my first to finds.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCT212 Traditional Cache 2006-01-20 - Pheasant Woods Cache
  My first FTF after lunch on a Friday!  

GCTFQX Traditional Cache 2006-02-16 - Melody Lake
  Shared FTF with Captain Max.  

GCTNFB Traditional Cache 2006-03-02 - Metro Cache
  Great park and grab!  

GCTQ5B Unknown Cache 2006-03-07 - Hungry Mice of Anderson Lakes - Feivel
  Great cache and a great series!  

GCWTFJ Traditional Cache 2006-06-26 - IDK WHERE I AM #1
  This was an interesting find that involved the local law enforcement.  

GCWR8M Unknown Cache 2006-06-27 - My BOLD SMILE Is Pride!
  Gilby is the boldest person I know.  

GCWW50 Traditional Cache 2006-07-13 - jREST is Cute!
  FTF with the WeekNIGHT crew!  

GCXBJY Traditional Cache 2006-07-26 - Covington Park 2
  Found after work on a very hot day during a very hot summer.  

GCXBK0 Traditional Cache 2006-07-26 - Covington Park 3
  Found after work on a very hot day during a very hot summer.  

GCY0TB Traditional Cache 2006-08-30 - Johnny CACHE
  FTF with Lucidondine.  

GCYH8A Traditional Cache 2006-09-26 - The Great Wall of Eden Prairie
  I came, I saw, I climbed the great wall.  

GC137R7 Traditional Cache 2006-10-12 - Tower Hill Park 2
  The first time up the hill was fun. The second time was even more fun!  

GCZEH8 Traditional Cache 2006-11-19 - Book-It
  Found in the dark with rickrich.  

GC11BZJ Multi-cache 2007-03-17 - The Pits 2
  Fun multi!  

GC13BXH Traditional Cache 2007-06-03 - The Weather Rock
  The cache was dry, so the weather was fair.  

GC157MN Traditional Cache 2007-09-09 - Knot MARSHmallow RICE Crispy Bars-a kid's cache!
  FTF but almost didn't find it!  

GC167X4 Traditional Cache 2007-09-26 - Red Circle 1
  FTF on the way to WeekNIGHT.  

GC17H32 Traditional Cache 2008-02-12 - FSU*Noles is Allergic to Green!
  FTF with genreviam and kredep!  

GC1AMK7 Traditional Cache 2008-03-28 - Double Digit
  First to find and then Jonas, kredep and Greg_and_sue showed up!  

GC1930Z Unknown Cache 2008-05-10 - Mr. Veedle
  FTF and got busted by the owner!  
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