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EVERY YEAR a CACHE- CHALLENGE! (shared, public)

List Owner: pilot172

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Our personal list of caches by the year. We intentionally chose some memorable caches. GREAT idea to celebrate 10-10-10!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCBBA Traditional Cache 2000 Geocache--Canada's 1st geocache
  Found July 2, 2007

Great to find Canada's oldest!

GC2657 Virtual Cache 2001 I can see Lincoln
  Found Nov 17, 2006

Yes we were day in DC for a conference and found this virtual

GC14F Traditional Cache 2001 Sask-cache-one
  Found April 16, 2006.

Delighted to find the province's earliest cache early in our cache career!

GC3635 Traditional Cache 2002 Kailua Twins
  Found Feb 16, 2008

A great hike and view near our beach side cabin in Kailua Beach. The hike was memorable- no water and no exit!

GCG7P6 Traditional Cache 2003 Kahana Bay Bug Stop
  Found Feb 18, 2008

A great location on a quiet bay. Like our Belvori TB hotel, it went misisng, but created lots of good memories!

GCK8FJ Traditional Cache 2004 Between 2 Bridges
  Found Aug. 14, 2005

Our first cache ever!

GCRRDD Multi-cache 2005 A walk along the river
  Found Jan 7 2006

Took 2 visits and updated coordiantes, but we were FTF!

GCTYGD Traditional Cache 2006 Last Minute Cache
  Found Aug 24, 2007 after a great season excavating near Beer Sheva, Israel.

We were FTF & sent the hiders a coin as tribute! The pups come from Israel so it was approporiate.

GC13C0R Multi-cache 2007 Tarzan
  Found June 3, 2007

A creative cache and we were FTF in the early am. A tribute to keen hiders- Sask Girl and Novy

GC1E2N4 Traditional Cache 2008 Cache by the Trail
  July 12, 2008

A FTF in PEI. Got up before sunrise to find this one!

GC1XJZT Traditional Cache 2009 A View of Paradise
  Aug. 29, 09

A memorable cache where we canoed with an audience of 100s to find a terrific model of the GIZA plateau and a FTF for the cache

GC27H94 Traditional Cache 2010 Nick's Scenic Cache - SCAR 2010
  Found Oct 10, 2010 - a 10-10-10

Listed to celebrate the extraordinary view, the efforts of youth and to celebrate SCAR events!

GC277QD Unknown Cache Every year a cache - Challenge!
  The reason behind the list. Thanks hurleyanne  
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