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Favorites: Location isn't Everything (shared, public)

List Owner: Nazgul

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In my opinion, a really good cache needs at least one of two things:

1. An clever hide, puzzle, or something else the cache owner has done to make the cache hunt interesting. There are a LOT of ways to do this.

2. An interesting location. This is often something scenic but the location can be interesting or noteworthy for other reasons.

This list covers examples of the former, caches that are favorites for reasons other than the location. I expect that it is incomplete but I'll update it as needed.

For the companion list, see Location is Everything (sort of).

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GCP51R Traditional Cache Assume Nothing #8
  Another great camo hide, perfectly executed.  

GC137KE Traditional Cache Acquedotto
  What can I say other than I really liked the camo on this cache.  

GCMXMF Traditional Cache Alien Mother Ship
  A wild hide and container, it brought a big smile to my face.  

GCK1CC Unknown Cache ANX: The Angle of Eternity
  Just read the logs. Everyone who has done it says it's their favorite cache, or one of their favorites. It's great to see a cache that's done well, especially in a way you haven't ever seen before, and this cache does that pretty much at every stage!  

GCJBXK Traditional Cache Assume Nothing #1
  Good workmanship on this camo which fuses a common hobby technique with geocaching.  

GCHYBJ Traditional Cache Assume Nothing #3
  A hide I'd thought of many times but almost certainly could not have executed as well. A classic and a favorite example to show/describe to interested muggles.  

GCKNE4 Unknown Cache Assume Nothing #4- Black Book
  Another sneaky Workerofwood hide I had a lot of fun with.  

GCNFQ8 Traditional Cache C.H.U.D.
  This one is a mix of a hide that blends in well, with a location that some people won't care for, but I loved. Fun!  

GC1XV43 Traditional Cache Cache Machine
  Simple but clever and fun, this one put a smile on my face. Caches like this are a big reason I still like to go geocaching.  

GC18E3K Unknown Cache Checkout Edenvale
  For some reason, I've liked pretty much every cache that I've done inside libraries, and this one was no exception.  

GCM6JZ Unknown Cache Dead Drop 238
  When I tell people about my experience with this cache I hear things like "No way! That is wild!" a lot, both from muggles and fellow cachers.  

GCA8B3 Unknown Cache Double Agent
  This cache verified what I had heard about Lamneth's puzzles, that they're well-conceived and executed in all respects. Great attention to details others would ignore.  

GCM7Z1 Traditional Cache First Cache of Spring
  A clever twist like this beats generic hides any day.  

GC18FCK Traditional Cache Fishing for Nemo
  I love caches like this that require some effort.  

GCM7YY Traditional Cache Flash of Inspiration
  Another great example of a cache that doesn't use a generic container. I'm also a sucker for caches that are in plain sight of thousands of people every day.  

GCMNXQ Traditional Cache Flickenger Duex
  Clever and well-made. I love hides like this.  

GCTA0X Unknown Cache HOLY
  A fun puzzle, a reasonably good location, nice camo, nice cache contents and a great container. A complete puzzle cache, and I recommend it.  

GC135J9 Traditional Cache Hoover's Playground
  I just love hides like this one. I'll take one find like this over twenty blinkers and keyhiders any day.  

GCHVG3 Unknown Cache Just Past 2nd Base
  A great multi-layer puzzle where each layer unravels in a manner that makes sense, something some puzzles don't do even once.  

GCG0MP Unknown Cache K3 Gang
  A fun, multi-layered puzzle, with several different challenges along the way. I think I'm about the 5th person to have this on a Favorites list.  
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