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My picks for the finest 1% of the over 8300 caches I have found in 10 years of caching. Those that are still active have "must do" status...don't miss 'em!

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1D Traditional Cache Beaver Cache (the beavers have moved on)
  One of the world's oldest surviving geocaches; a bucket recessed into the ground. Can't hide 'em like this anymore. GA's oldest.  

GC1YYCZ Traditional Cache Beyond Top of the World
  6/14/2014. It is the northernmost geocache in the United States! Placed on the northernmost man-made object in the US 350 miles north of the Arctic Circle. I'd give it 100 favs if I could. Most thrilling and adventurous cache I have ever done due to its location.  

GCJMDK Traditional Cache Bloody Fingers, Dirty Diapers...
  Because it's INSIDE the fascinating and erie 2.3-mile long Snoqualmie Tunnel. Walk or better yet, ride your bike. Listed this one instead of the APE cache as you can access the APE without ever seeing the tunnel (I did, from Annette Lake TH).  

GC946E Virtual Cache Cheyenne GPS Calibration
  When in Cheyenne, come by to check the accuracy of your GPSr and take in the views.  

GCGH5J Letterbox Hybrid Columba
  Wonderful hide inside a curious and ornate 19th Century structure in the heart of San Francisco. Once inside use letterbox clues for guidance.  

GC99C Traditional Cache coyote lookout
  This was an enjoyable journey across desert terrain with mesas and lava cliffs very reminiscent of New Mexico where I found my first cache.  

GCJB39 Multi-cache Crowbar
  The engineer in me was blown away by this masterpiece of craftmanship.  

GCG5AM Virtual Cache Devil's Throat
  No signage or pullout here. If not for the cache, I was certain to miss this massive, steep, volcanic hole in the earth with a rainforest on the floor.  

GC3XACB Wherigo Cache Dr. Wherilittle
  Simply fantastic adventure in a most unexpected park. Ends in a full-sized cache. Superb work on cache and cartridge. Best Wherigo of the 18 I've done.  

GCW6EM Traditional Cache DR. Who.
  Brilliant workmanship deploys this one in the most unexpected manner. Perhaps the best engineered cache ever.  

GC19V4A Traditional Cache Dr. Who's sibling
  Wow, easy pick for the 1%. Maybe even better than the Portland original!  

GC8D8C Traditional Cache DUNE
  NW of Albuquerque, NM. Incredible journey on a knife-edge to a monster lone dune on it's own mesa in "The Escarpment" high above the Rio Puerco valley.  

GC13DC Traditional Cache Ebey Bluffs
  The essential Whidbey Island view cache; just do it.  

GCF591 Virtual Cache END OF AN ERA
  04/21/2012 Awesome group hike out to the lighthouse and back. Perfect weather and great company. The volunteer Keepers were friendly and the views were spectacular. Lots of pictures taken, perhaps more than at any other cache I've visited. 11 mile hike best undertaken at low tide.  

GCTWZT Traditional Cache Four Gin Splash
  Who says urban hides can't be awesome? Another Dayspring hide makes it to the top 1%.  

GC1375B Multi-cache Full of Hot Air!
  6/17/2010 Best multi I have ever done. Genius!  

GC12 Traditional Cache GC12 5/12/2000
  Hey, it is the oldest surviving logbook and container in the world! Interesting that the FTF left some live rounds, he would be banned if he did that today. Overcome with awe holding that logbook, too bad some recent finders have defaced it with their sigs instead of using the new log provided.  

GCD Traditional Cache Geocache
  A successful quest for a Moun10Bike Ver 2 coin (and drop off of a Ver 1) made this oldie even more special. Now officially the oldest listed cache in Washington. Original logbook and container long gone however, a casualty of the I-90 cache thief.  

GC57 Traditional Cache Geocache
  This cache was an epic desert hike of striking views and amazing solitude. A needed cache for the Jasmer Challenge, and AZ's oldest geocache.  

GC17 Traditional Cache Geocache 7/21/00
  Longish uphill hike brings one to this oldie hide at 4200' elevation. Awesome Mt Hood view and a nice bench to sit on to take it in. My first intentional find for the Jasmer Challenge.  
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