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Puzzle Solving Education Network (shared, public)

List Owner: ePeterso2

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The caches in this bookmark list are all designed to make that scary blue question mark just a little less scary.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC21Z4N Unknown Cache Canada - BC - Final exam redux
  Victoria, BC - Placed by bk's team  

GC2JE2F Unknown Cache Canada - NS - How Do I Solve all of these Puzzle Caches?
  Middleton, NS - Placed by 4CeasonS  

GC1PXTC Unknown Cache Canada - ON - K2: Puzzle Solving 101 - Cdn Mid-Term Exam
  Kingston, ON - Placed by Skottikus  

GC5F5MP Unknown Cache France - Puzzle Solving 101 - Leçon 1: Stratégie
  Paris, France - Placed by Littlethom  

GC2P5XQ Unknown Cache Japan - Okinawa Puzzle Solving 101 - Lesson 1: Strategy
  Okinawa, Japan - Placed by Szampruch_Family  

GC454EH Unknown Cache Mercury Rising

GC2R03X Unknown Cache Slovakia - Ako na mysterky? Zaverecna skuska
  Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia - Placed by whisky96  

GC1C9W6 Unknown Cache UK - England - A guide to solving (simple) puzzles - AGTSSP
  Southeast England, UK - placed by parmstro  

GC1JAAG Unknown Cache USA - CA - C.S.U.Puzzles 101
  Fresno, CA - Placed by Professor crew416  

GC2GXZK Unknown Cache USA - CA - NorCal Puzzle Solving Lesson 1: Strategy
  Red Bluff, CA - Placed by GTS1  

GC126Z6 Unknown Cache USA - CA - Solve This Puzzle
  San Diego, CA - Placed by rjbloom & co  

GC122QP Event Cache USA - FL - PSI: Broward (5/16/2007)
  Plantation, FL - Hosted by ePeterso2  

GCYXN0 Unknown Cache USA - FL - Puzzle Solving 101 - The Final Exam
  Fort Lauderdale, FL - Placed by ePeterso2  

GC3A1TD Event Cache USA - GA - Puzzle Caching Tips and Tricks (2/4/2012)
  Blackshear, GA - Hosted by AngelMay3 & Gunguy&fam  

GC25WQJ Unknown Cache USA - MI - How Do I Solve All These &#$@! Puzzle Caches?
  Lansing, MI - Placed by The Allen Cachers  

GC1MH0T Unknown Cache USA - NC - ePeterso2's Puzzle Solving 101 Series
  Charlotte, NC - Placed by WINSLMA  

GC1YM1N Unknown Cache USA - NJ - Scary Blue Question Mark: Basic Training
  Matawan, NJ - Placed by Team Ekitt10  

GC1YM22 Unknown Cache USA - NJ - Scary Blue Question Mark: Codes and Ciphers
  Concordia, NJ - Placed by Team Ekitt10  

GC1YM11 Unknown Cache USA - NJ - Scary Blue Question Mark: Strategy and Objectives
  Princeton, NJ - Placed by Team Ekitt10  

GC22GCN Unknown Cache USA - OH - The Ohio ePeterso2 Puzzle Exam
  Toledo, OH - placed by GSMom59  
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