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Busse Woods Master Cache Challenge (shared, public)

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This is a list in chronological order of all the Busse Woods caches we found before going for the Busse Woods Master Cache on 4/8/10 (our 32nd Wedding Anniversary). This was accomplished between 9/26/09 and 4/8/10.

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X   GC Code Cache Name  

GC1TDHY Traditional Cache #16 Just Another Urban Micro - Endangered Species
  Found on 11/8/09.  

GCKZX7 Traditional Cache #24 Bonus-All Clues Found for Advance to Go!
  Found 1/9/10 - luckily . . . this one was on our way to another cache . . . so we stopped off to make the find.  

GCKZWP Traditional Cache #26 Bonus-All Railroads found in Advance to Go!
  Found on 10/31/09.  

GC1HG4K Traditional Cache Adventure Ferret Cache #1 (Stumped)
  Found 10/24/09.  

GC1HNCW Traditional Cache Adventure Ferret Cache #2 (Tree'd)
  Found on 10/24/09 . . . this was a good one - it taught us to look in various places rather than just where we thought it would be.  

GC1E1NX Traditional Cache Bat & Princess 1000th
  Found on 10/24/09.  

GC1MX7M Traditional Cache Bat1800's 2000th - He's Back
  Found with BDSmiley on 10/10/09.  

GC22F3V Traditional Cache Bat1800's 3000th
  Found on 1/3/10 . . . Mary's birthday.  

GC1QH16 Traditional Cache Box of Quackers
  Found on 10/24/09 - love this part of Busse Woods.  

GC1TH3G Traditional Cache Busse's Southern Shores
  Found on 9/26/09 . . . our first day of caching with our new GPS - Oregon 400T.  

GCTGZJ Traditional Cache By The Old Creek
  Our 13th find which was made on 10/10/09 along with BDSmiley.  

GC18WNK Traditional Cache Cache and Release - Bluegill
  Found 1/9/10 - through snow and across ice with BDSmiley and EnPleinAire to the first island.  

GC19N6R Unknown Cache Cache and Release - Bonus Cache
  Found 1/9/10 . . . more snow and more ice to get to this location and some gymnastics to sign the log . . . 6 straight hours of hiking to accomplish this series.  

GC18WNC Traditional Cache Cache and Release - Crappie
  Found on 1/9/10 . . . second island cache . . . having fun crossing the ice to these.  

GC18WNG Traditional Cache Cache and Release - Largemouth Bass
  Found 1/9/10 - crossed more ice to land and around the boat docks across more ice and out to the third island.  

GC18WNA Unknown Cache Cache and Release - Master Angler
  Found 1/9/10 . . . long long walk through snow and across a lot more ice to get to this one and to find the coordinates for the Bonus.  

GC18WNB Traditional Cache Cache and Release - Walleye
  Found 1/9/10 . . . crossed the big island and ice and out to this fourth small island for the final part of the coordinates to Master Angler . . .  

GC174B0 Traditional Cache Cache by the bay (nice walk)
  Found on 10/10/09 while caching with BDSmiley.  

GC1FA0C Traditional Cache Cache'n Buddies
  Found 10/31/09 - quite a hike to get to this one.  

GC14B9R Traditional Cache Chicago Geo C-A-C-H-E: Game Clue #18
  Found on 10/31/09.  
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